The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    Sighs and shakes head, "It's pitiful really.... Sad too." Scratches the back of my head, "Am I that provoking?" Makes a face, "Nothing new while you were gone...." Sits and thinks.
  2. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    i am a ruler of vampire's it's nice to meet you all
  3. Blair13
    "Welcome XxBeautyandDeathxX but I think you are mistaken. Charleese," motions to CBtay01, "Is the ruler of the Vampyres. If you wish to take command, you must duel her for the position. So as of now, you only fall under her jurisdiction." Looks to Charleese, "Tahw od uoy kniht?"
  4. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    ah but i am not of her clan for i am a pure blood loner
  5. Blair13
    "Then you are a wanderer?" Jumps from Banora white tree and takes a chunk out of a dumbapple.
  6. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    i supose so then yes for i do not wish to be ruled by any one
  7. Blair13
    "That is fine with me." Hears something nearbye and tenses only a little. Drops apple and walks towards the trees and soon becomes surrounded by dense fog as I disappear into the forest.
  8. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    ...ok then bye o.0 hmmmm so what do we do in this group???
  9. Blair13
    A scream echoes in the forest and a mutated demon runs from the forest. I come quickly after it, "Damn demons, they can't stay on their own territory...." The demon sees a target and goes after XxBeautyandDeathxX.
  10. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    ah blair you wana take care of this for me it's a wast of my time and i dont wish to be it's food~
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