The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    I easily kill the thing and it begins to almost evaporate so I throw up what looks like a black marble. The marble absorbs the demons spirit and I catch the marble in my hand. It now is crimson and appears to have trapped flames, "Stupid pestilental good for nothings...." I stick it in my pocket, "They seem to have an obsession with fire." Kicks the body in irritation.
  2. Kage X
    Kage X
    Jynciur (pronounced Shen-khur)

    Race: Cross-breed of Daemon and Vampyre
    Age: 1933 yrs.
    Ht: 6’10”
    Wt: 265 lb.
    Build: athletic-muscular
    Appearance: swept-back, tousled black hair, small red horns on forehead, pale skin that’s almost transparent, black tank-top with torn holes just under the shoulder blades, black jeans, black belt with a silver wolfs-head buckle, no shoes, nails are elongated and sharp.
    Abilities: Can grow white bat wings with blood-red membrane. Nails are as hard as steel and sharper than most blades. Can summon white wolves wearing silver armor whose helms are affixed with blades. Can summon fog and mixed with his exceptional stealth, can render him virtually undetectable. Can levitate items about the size of a human easily. Can cause hypnosis in lesser-willed creatures, such as zombies, mutants, less-intelligent humans, and spirits. Has no need to sleep or rest, with a nearly limitless endurance, even by Daemon and Vampyric standards. Sunlight and holy devices have no effect.
    Items: Wields a sword split like a tuning fork without the bending outward. Sword has runes forged into it to prevent breaking or dulling.

    what do ya think?
  3. Blair13
    Eyes the newcomer, "Welcome Jynciur..." Turns to you with black crows wings folded behind my back, and seeing as the moon shone red, I wore one of my bleach white dresses that revealed my shoulders and had a slit all the way up to my thigh on the left side; I stared you down with silver eyes, not with offense but defense as I sensed your unusual strength. "I'm guessing you're that of a wanderer? Unless you choose a clan...." I wrap my arms around my waist and tense only a fraction.
  4. Kage X
    Kage X
    "I can not, for to favor one is to deny the other side of my heritage, so I suppose I am a Wanderer. Fear me not though, for I have no quarrel with you." I look upon your tensed muscles. "Did you think I had come for your crown? Such things are meaningless to me. You can only rule yourself, and if others follow for that, so be it." I look down at the demon's body. "Would you like me as a formal ally against these abominations? They sicken me quite literally."
  5. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    i thank you Blair for your help i did not feel much like dieing....and welcome to you new comer *nod's*
  6. Blair13
    *To Jynciur* Releases muscles and relaxes, "I think not that you had come for my crown but was unsure of your intentions. Sorry for such an assumption." Looks down to the body of the demon I had slaughtered, "I will take you up on your offer though since I have few allies. If you need anything though, feel free to enter my mansion. You may use all the resources I have here as you see fit." Grabs up the body by the neck to tear of the head then loosens my arm and flings the body miles ahead of me to the other side of the forest back to the domain of the demons from which it came. A loud pop echoes the forest to warn that the demon I had thrown exploded, "More will soon come..." A white crow lands on my shoulder, to it, "Welcome back Frithe." It caws in response.
  7. Blair13
    *To XxBeautyandDeathxX* I nod to him, "You are welcome, and I offer that you too may use anything my mansion has to give." Looks back to Jynciur, "In no more than an hour a horde of demons will befall us. I suggest getting ready, if you need to." I glance to XxBeautyandDeathxX before walking into my mansion and down to the dungeons where I keep the blood supply.
  8. CBtay01
    I am so sorry i have been really busy I got attaked by some really anoying deamons *bows to Blair* how goes it? hello new comers I am Charleese ruler of the Vampires *turns ro XxBeautyandDeathxX hello I heard you are a full blood.
    * turns to Jynciur* hello i hear you are oin blairs side is that right?
  9. Kage X
    Kage X
    I follow Blair into her dungeons. I turn toward Charleese. "Yes, I am her ally for this battle and more if she wishes. And thank you Beauty for your welcome. You three may call me Jyn. Blair, what shall we expect from these abominations? I must admit, through my travels, the form of demons shift with their hunting grounds and I have not been through this region ever."
  10. Blair13
    To Charleese, "It has been a while, I'm doing fine, and you?" To Jyn, "Really the only thing you can expect from these demons is greater numbers to the thousands. They have a tendency to play with fire so naturally, ice would work well against them. As for their hunting grounds, they tend hunt in the Deadlands south of here, The Karas Waterfall west of here, then most of the time, here. Considering that their leader is an intelligent demon, Syth, they tend to bombard me at regular frequencies. Though as of late, they have been breaking into the mansion and stealing things, they are only the things I've touched and left my scent. I have a feeling that this time Syth will actually demolish this place...." Trails off as I come to a cell with a sleeping human so I go inside and pick him up by his throat and drink all of his blood. Frithe flys to the dead body and begins to pick at the skin and eventually starts to eat it. I then walk back upstairs to a room with an enormous window that looks down upon the bloody forest. Turns to Jyn, "Is there anything you need before the battle?"
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