The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    I make a face at the comment but nod and step-flashes to the front gates. I turn to the northern clearing specified and easily make my way through the dense forest surrounding the castle. I became urgent and push myself to my limit. I push my unsettled thoughts to the back of my head. I won't give in.... not that I now have a reason....
  2. Kage X
    Kage X
    I come out of the shadows and fall into step beside Blair, a smirk on my face. "Is there a reason you are so pouty right now, or are you just always this way?" I peer from the corner of my eyes at her troubled face. "Its all right if you don't want to talk about it. Sometimes its healthy to hold on to something if you can direct it into something useful, but remember that sometimes its better to let an unbiased mind take a look at the problem." I stop with my hand on Blair's shoulder, stopping her progess through the underbrush. "Something is up and I want to know if it's the fact that you don't completely trust me yet."
  3. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *walks out from the brush and trees and chuckles* jyn u shold know beter then that one shold never trust its a good way to get killd ^^...*truns to Blair* Blair *bows* i am over joyd to see that u r well it seems u all have been busy sens i was gone???
  4. Blair13
    I turn my head to Jyn as he falls in step beside me. I close my eyes, "Sorry, I... don't mean to be so pouty." Blushes at Jyn's perceptive tendency. I stop as he puts a hand on my shoulder, my curse mark begins to burn. "It is not that I don't trust you. It's just... well, how do I not know that you are not under Kreon or Sythe's control? And, when the mansion goes down, I don't even know if I'll live through it... There are just too many things for me to worry about. I feel so lost that I don't even know if it's worth it or not; putting you, Beauty, or Charleese, in danger..."
    I turn to Beauty as he comes from the nearby brush, I jump a little startled.
    I look to Beauty and nods, "Yes. We are planning to go to Jin-Shi but we must mask our appearances. I'll explain on the way." I go to walk forward to the meadow, a slight blush from the confusion. I guess.... only time will tell. I glance insecurely to Jyn as I go ahead.
  5. Kage X
    Kage X
    I follow Blair at a short distance. "I can only guess with Beauty or Charleese, but danger gives no trepidation to my heart. As to the theory that I might be under the control of such flak as either Syth or Kreon, that is just too absurd to be even remotely true. I know that the most absurdest notions are usaully true, but in this case there is no need to worry." I turn to Beauty and take on a sarcastic tone. "What do you think, Beauty? Do you believe she will survive her mansion going down?" I turn back toward Blair, returning my face to a more serious state. "Don't be so tragic. It doesn't suit someone like you. A smile and some merciless anger does better. Keep foremost in your minds, all of you, that, no matter how it may seem, stopping these beings will always be worth any danger." Starts fingering the hilt of my sword. "Beauty, you should know that there are times when trust is needed for anything good to happen. This is one of those times, and the good that will happen is these monsters will never be able ruin lives ever again."
  6. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    hahaha well i think some trust is needed like how i show that i trust u all by the fact i have not killd or tryd to kill any of u oh and please belive me i dont have any intenshin of doing so ^^jyn but in this way no one will realy have to be hurt dont get to atachd to any one or body wounds wont be all u have to worry abowt
  7. Blair13
    I attempt a smile at Jyn's automatic lightheartedness, "You're right. I'm sorry. I'll try to be more...." I furrow my brows in a pitiful attempt to think of a word. "... like me." I flash a truthful grin but it quickly disappears once we reach the field. A sudden wave of electricity pulses through me as I suddenly go blank like a white canvas. Me eyes shoot back and forth, inhumanly, as I search for what approaches. I flex my wings, making them disappear, and cracks my neck, "My guardian appears." I shoot a glance to Beauty and Jyn as a mandragon rises forth from the ground in a shroud of darkness. "It seems I'm not yet supposed to leave but... it's too late now. We've already come this far." I say in a dead tone as I stare at the monster, unblinking as I pinpoint it with my slit-like eyes.
    "I suppose if I must find clarity, I had better start now."
    I lunge toward the large, scaly, but demonic dragon as it begins to writhe in gathering power.
  8. Kage X
    Kage X
    I sigh. "Another rises to fall before us." I peer critically at the creature. "I haven't faced one of these in a long while. First the wings..." Two of my hounds rush out of the woods to grab the creature's arms and pull his torso lower. I zoom behind it anh grasp a wing in each hand and yank. The skin and bone seperate with a sickening tearing, snapping sound. I toss the wings to either side and sink my claws into his scalp and raise his head. "Blair, would you like the finishing touch of beheading it? Unless of course you wish to fight him on equal terms? I thought since we are on such a tight schedule, I would lend my experience and end this quickly." I smirk easily. "I suppose you would wish to face him on even ground." I make as if to release the doomed scalp.
  9. Blair13
    I easily decapitate the beast, "We have no time." I land swiftly on my feet and shake off my violent expression but keeps my wings invisible. "The easier the defeat the better. I don't like to 'play' with my enemies. The less time blood is being spilled the more time I have for other things." I look to Jyn with a mutual expression, "Thanks for the has been a while." I notice my stomach growl. "Hm." I go to stand in the middle of the field intended and looks around, then looks to the sky and judges the position of the moon to tell time.
  10. Blair13
    "I suppose we go to Jin-Shi now. After we arrive and I get my business done, there are some caverns we can travel." I said placidly.
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