The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *i watch as jyn and Blair desban the beast and chuckles* hmmm well u too make a good team^^*i wisper some words under my breath and watch as flams just up arownd its body * but y dose it have to smell to damn bad *i look at Blair * oh and y is it we must go ther ^^?!
  2. Kage X
    Kage X
    I gaze innocently at Beauty. "What is that supposed to mean, Beauty? Are you suggesting something is happening behind the scenes?" I turn back toward Blair and cross my arms as my hounds lay at my feet. "Blair, don't get so wrapped up in this that you forget to stop and lay roses at the graves. And I don't believe we are too pressed on time that you can't grab a bite to eat, if you aren't too against wild blood?" I sit with my hounds and they start panting, more relaxed than they seemed a moment ago. "Either way, you will be of no use to anyone if you starve yourself. I won't move until you feed, and you, Beauty, tell me why you are so willing to join us on a quest you have no idea of the details."
  3. Blair13
    "Yes...." I reply to Beauty at his comment. I look to Jyn as he crosses his arms and shakes my head, "No, I'm fine with wild blood." I look to Beauty, "I should have asked that as well. Why blindly join us? Hm?" I wince as I get cramping pains in my stomach and I sigh, "I suppose I should hunt." I then turn and walk into the forest as I pick up the musky smell of a deer. Instantly, my hunting habits kick in and I step-flash in the direction of the herd that I smelled. Though, I could not escape the feeling of my heart pounding in my chest and the blush I had on my cheeks. It has been far too long. I must get ahold of myself.
    I shake my head as if to erase the feelings and quickly pin-pointed my target. A weakened doe at the back of the herd who had recently injured her leg. I pounced on her feeling the air whoosh past and the sound of the deer scream, sending the herd sprinting easily through the forest away from the sound of death. I drained its blood in a matter of seconds until I moved onto my next target. A blood-thirsty wild cat, prowling near in the bushes as it watched a wild hair. I easily made on giant leap and landed on the feline target, snapping its neck, and easily draining its blood as well.
    Feeling myself stronger and my need for blood well-satiated, I headed back to Jyn and Beauty.
  4. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *chuckles* y not i am a wonderer no one well miss me if i wher to die and ther is nothing els i have to do...*i stop and think to my self* hmmm or maybe that i wish to do *laughs and leans on a tree and lisens to Blair hunt*... wild blood she really must been hungry i would rather die i cant stand it ...*looks to jyn* and you jyn what is it you are here for?
  5. Kage X
    Kage X
    I give a piercing look into Beauty's eyes. "The usual... revenge, closure, and it seems that this group is rather interesting." I peer at the approaching figure of Blair. "Very interesting." I stand and dust off the blades of grass stick to my pants. "Well, now that we are satisfied with food for the belly and the mind, I believe we should move out. I wonder where Char has gotten to?" I start walking and pass close to Beauty. "Oh and I still don't believe you. No one is so bored that they wish to begin a quest that will most likely turn out a suicide mission. Not that I believe that we will die or anything, I just know the odds are against us no matter what we do."
  6. Blair13
    I nod, "Right. Um... thanks for the suggestion to eat. I uh... was hungrier than I had realized..." I make a face then walks casually toward Jin-Shi, wishing to myself that life wouldn't sometimes be so difficult. I say more to myself, "Three thousand years is much too long to live..."
    Eyes Beauty suspiciously but keeps thought to myself. "Charleese has been gone a while. I hope that she can find us once she is done with her business." I flex my fingers as I play with a blue fire ball that does nothing to my icy skin. I watch it lick me as if it were cleaning me as a cat would. I smile to myself as it begins to glow and cause a gentle breeze while I play with it, making everything glow a silver blue.
  7. CBtay01
    I solidify out of no where "Blair I am so sorry I did it again I havent been here plese fill me in on every thing"
  8. Kage X
    Kage X
    "Don't worry. You haven't missed much, just some stalemating and some hidden threats with a slight dash of mistrust." I look quizically at Charleese. "We were getting a little worried about what was taking you so long. Hopefully nothing too fatal, but then again, since you are here now, anything fatal would affect our enemies so its not that bad."
  9. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *laughs* thats good jyn you shold not trust any one even me when the time come's no if the time come's i will revile me self to u but untell then stay on you're tose jyn you will live longer that way *i look to Blair* Blair please dont push you're self you just got beter should we wate for a day and let u rest?*a look of consern croses my face*
  10. Blair13
    When Charleese appears, the blue flame quickly extiguishes. "Oh, don't worry Char though it's nice to have your company again. Well, the mansion is going to collapse at midnight and we're are leaving because of that fact and also because I have some brief business in Jin-Shi we must take care of. Then from there, I'll take you to the caverns that inter-connect much of Gaea. After that, I'm hoping we can go to Rell to visit some old friends of mine that may be able to help us." I look to Beauty as he laughs and shakes my head, "I don't need rest, I'm fine. I'm well enough to continue on; I just needed a little blood. I'm fine, really." I push myself as we begin to reach the outskirts of the forest in which I was once trapped.
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