The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. superstar9156
    grins and leans on a tree " Is that how you treat someone new"? examines Halo's sword " My name is Sai Nagano. Who are you"?
  2. Halo
    the name is halo casey, i'm a half vampire, this sword is my sword of light, and this, pointing to the samari sword strapped onto my waist, is my kazi sword, made from the blood of the red dragon, and u r miss?
  3. cidrazib
    name yig

    race: unknown deamon

    status: no strong allegiance,

    abilities:stealth, shape shifter,super-human strength, shaman, and alchemist skill

    weapon: alchemy ,sorcery ,bone dagger
  4. Kite Skyler
    name: Kite"black water"Skyler


    abilities:is able to levitate object close to him

    history:most of kites history was destroyed, of cours he was the one who destroyed the data.

    personality:loves to fight, makes a game when fighting an opponent

    weapons:2 katanas, 37 bombs
  5. Halo
    *looksa round and smiles, showing fangs* the more people we have, the merrier
  6. Blair13
    A strange shape appears in the form of a large, black and red wolf, "Why are you all here?"
  7. Halo
    *looks at the wolf* we r here to save a girl named blair, thats why *silver eyes looks at the shape and my hair turns silver as i hold up my sword* is that a problem?
  8. Blair13
    The wolf slowly stalks forth from the forest and starts to circle Halo. Slowly and deliberately, as if to have a sense of your aura before it says, "Fine. Then I shall tell you where her captor lies but in turn, you must swear to me your fealty. I am the guardian of this forest but if you want to save Blair, then you must give me your everlasting loyalty."
  9. Halo
    *stands there for a moment then bows* i swear to it
  10. Blair13
    It growls as if to accept then darts off into some bushes, expecting you to follow. "Fine, then follow me and tread quickly and quietly.
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