The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Halo
    looks around the old building sheathing my sword but keep it on me just in case. looking to the old woman with the silver eyes, "im looking for a particular that came here not to long ago," i said with a look of concern upon my face, stepping ahead waiting the old womans responce hoping the one hes been waiting to hear as his combat boots thuds agasint he old creaked floor judging the appearance of the place, it has been here awile,
  2. Blair13
    "Ah," the old lady said when she noticed his eyes, "you are a friend of the woman with white hair? The one with amnesia?" She was careful as she said this seeing as she did not now this man before here and showed nothing of where the newly arrived woman could be. She had been here less than a day and one was already looking for her; this was odd, the old woman thought, the woman with amnesia had come to this place for shelter and safety and now it seemed that she was in danger.
    The old woman held her hands before her and had nothing but a soft smile and kind eyes upon her face.
  3. Halo
    nods to the woman showing her upon his face he had no attention of hurting her, but to protect her* "yes, she is in grave danger as u seen outside. those thugs want to hurt her as well as thier master thier working for, im here to protect her from them. i gave my oath to, but where may i find her?" *keeps looking around holding out a hand to feel any hints of her aura
  4. Blair13
    "This way then," the woman says as she senses nothing but honesty from the strange man. She led him to the dorm hall where a few other priestess women walked and ended up at a doorway where she knocked three times before entering; she smiled softly, seeing the woman she had helped curled up on the bed that she had given her. In a white dress, Blair was sleeping peacefully. Her aura was withdrawn so that no one could sense her.
    Feeling a familiar presence, I yawned and stretched, wondering who could have entered the room and rolled over to see the man that had called himself Zero. She sat up warily but only smiled to the two as if pleased that he had come for her. "Hey..." she greeted.
  5. Halo
    smiles at her releifed she was safe and sound* "hey yourself," i said to her sitting beside you holding your hand* "you worried me so much trying to find you, i had a help from a stanger i met in the forest, it led me here to this church, fought a few bandits but hell if it ment keeping you safe from them i would have fought them all by myself, but with help of course," chuckles n shake head* anyways we better get you out fo here soon, or else more bad guys r going to show up," he said looking at her not knowing if this was a safe haven for her, all he cares about now is to keep her safe from harms way
  6. Blair13
    I blushed lightly and nodded, "o-okay, where will we go?"
    The old woman smiled and excused herself with a bow and a polite, "Have a safe trip on your journey young ones."
    I watched her leave and thanked her as she departed before turning my attention back to Zero.
    I was a little confused about this man and as to why he wanted to protect me so simply because I could not remember anything about myself or even him. Did he have good intent? Or was he like Scythe?
    Revealing only happiness to him, I kissed him on the cheek.
    "Thank you."
  7. Halo
    blushes n looks down* "um...your welcolm....i guess," i said smiling to her then frowns when she asked where we would go, damn forgot alla bout it.....* i thought looking at her* "im sure we would find sumplace safe, away from danger and all," he said assuringly hoping he was right
  8. Blair13
    I nodded just as Vaeriil entered the room at the old woman's direction and bowed and said, "Let us go."
    Curious, I turned my attention to the man with white hair as his eyes met mine and it was then that his eyes widened and he bowed low upon one knee, "My lady, I had not realized..."
    "W-why are you bowing?" confusion welled within me.
    He looked up but remained knelt, "You are the Lady of the Immortal, that is why Scythe is after you. Now I know why he strives to destroy you. Come! Let us go north where he will not be able to walk."
    "Uh..." I looked over at Zero and tilted my head, "we go with him?"
  9. Halo
    "pretty much hes the reason i had found you int he first place," i said lookign at him* "wats is at the north?" i asked him "and i hope your ight about if we head north he wont be able to follow, we could be safe and figure out a good strategy to rid him once and for all," i sad taking you hand in mine* "come on blair, to a safe havent we go," smiles warmly to you
  10. Blair13
    I smiled lightly as I stood and Vaeriil stood and let us pass as he said, "In the north, there is a town where I have a home on Druid Land and this land is where he cannot touch simply because the light is what hurts him."
    He seemed so willing to be at my hand and dedicated to do so.
    I continued to hold your hand hand as I was led to safety away from the temple, through the crowd of people; I couldn't seem to remember where or who I was still but it all seemed right.
    "I hope that... he cannot touch us there."
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