The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Halo
    *later in the dence forest*
    we walk a good miles away from the village and away from safety i know for a fact we are not safe here, scythe could have his minions hidign waiting to strike at any possible moment, slashing the branches and downed leaves blockign out path wasting very little energy to cut down big things making little noice as possible looking at u then at Vaeriil, looking ahead* "exactly how far is the north village?" i asked him
  2. Blair13
    "Another day," Vaeriil said quietly, letting his voice die out before he continued. "It will be one hard to find though so half a day from now is when I will have to take the lead for only I know the path inward from the place where we will be when the time comes. Scythe has never been able to find the place so that is all the better for us."
    I sighed lightly as I wove through the branches that Zero did not cut; this traveling, I hoped, would take us to a safe place simply because I was tired of running. So tired of looking over my shoulder with the fear that someone would attempt to kill me.
    Vaeriil noticed my worry but said nothing as he trailed behind me, keeping the behind of us safe.
    Sometimes, I felt like a burden.
  3. Halo
    looks at u seeing ur worry face and looks down* "you were safe in that church werent you blair? i will still help you get your memories back so you can rember who you are, and where you came from, thats all i care about," i said looking at her holding her hand* "i promised on my oath to keep you safe till my dying breath has been breathed," smiles assuringly
  4. Blair13
    I grabbed Zero's hand in response and nodded, not letting go as he guided me through the brush.
    For once, I was glad that this stranger had pulled me out of the ruins in which Scythe had left me and now I could not begin to imagine myself still in that place of hate and rot. It had indeed been beautiful, but sometimes it was just a facade to cover up the truth that lied beneath. I caught more up to Zero's side and kept pace with him as we held hands.
    Vaeriil, seeing this, smiled a little to himself while he guarded the rear flank. He loved to see his Lady happy and it seemed to be with that Vampire; it also seemed to be vice versa.
    He was happy for them.
  5. Halo
    *sences a dark aura nearby and stops suddenly, looking at vaeriil wondering if hes feeling the same thing lookign around the brush i caught a glimps of somthing flashing and ducks just in time for an arrow thunked intot he tree besides us* "dammit their tracking us," i yelled pulling you onto my back and takes off runnign knowing vareriil would catch up, drawing my blade and knocking the next arrow away seeign the one shooting at us, thanking god and hopign these guys dont know how to use modern gun but then again we are in sumplace thats more mideval type, only projectiles, rock throwers and bow and arrows.
  6. MistakenSanctuary
    Name: Senna Sanctuary

    Personality: Indifferent and quiet - always stubborn and unyielding when it comes to an argument. Likes to get her way.

    Race: Vampire

    Abilities: She's a very lithe, flexible creature. She has abnormal strength and speed, along with her agility. She isn't quite able to manipulate any energy other than fire. The only disadvantage with that is that she can't control her body temperature.

    Weapons: A bamboo stick.
  7. Halo
    "ah hell," i said as we took cover from the arrow shots looking around for an opening but with the constant fast paced arrow shots at us, most likely me and vareiil its kinda hard to find an opening. crouching down with my blade in one hand and a energy orb in another i finally see an opening wen the archer aimed at vareiil standing up i fire the orb at him creating an small explosion but where our loctaion is at sounding like a big one echon off forest floors and trees moving through the valley and i shake my head* "damn sorry i had to do that for i dont have a bow and arrow myself or else it would have been much quieter," i said grabbing blair ahnd again* "so i suggest we dont become pile of flesh and bones wen calvary arrives, we better move more quickly,"
  8. Blair13
    {Welcome Senna, to The Daemon Clan - feel free to jump in at any time and don't be shy; the best way to join would be to delve right in. As so the rules have not been updated, you can have up to two playable characters.}
    Vaeriil snarled lightly as an arrow scathed his cheek with the flicker of Immortal's Bane and unleashed a barrage of ice shards that would return the affect of the spite he now felt for the ambushers.
    In anger that the imbeciles would so raise a hand to the Queen, he guarded her and the man that was protecting her, eager to serve the one his loyalties lied for.
  9. Blair13
    Looking around, I saw only blurs of shadows as the arrows whizzed passed me at immeasurable speed and knew no fear. Though I yearned to fight, I let Zero guide me through the underbrush as we now struggled to leave the area in hopes to remain alive. Scythe was getting quite cocky now and without a doubt I knew that it was him for he was not far away, though she also knew that his power was not strong enough for either Vaeriil or Zero to know; it was this hope that they didn't notice was what kept me going forward.
  10. MistakenSanctuary
    Senna had been hidden in long tendrils of withered underbrush for quite a while now. The Vampyre was clearly confused and a bit bewildered at the sight that was unraveling before her. The breeze carried the scent of both anxiety and fear, which made her tiny pixie-like nose crinkle slightly. Instead of rushing into the horrid scene that contained a quarrel, the female shifted lightly and let her left hand splay out against the ground to keep balance.
    A sudden squeak erupted from her lips as the wind caught her off guard and sent icy chills up her back. Falling face-forwards and hitting the rough landscape below her, the teen quickly got to her hands and knees in a hurry. Loose strands of platinum blonde tangled all around her as she pushed away her tousled hair. Her around, red-colored eyes wandered around quickly, only to focus back on the group and stalk after them. Not knowing what was going on, Senna got to her feet and looked quite excited. An adventure!
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