The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV} As Vaeriil launched his arrows back at the horde that attempted to injure his Lady, he noticed a figure moving amongst the brush and saw that it was a teenager, one who smelled like a Vampyre. He had little time to react though as an enemy, a lingering shadow from the Nightmares who still were afar, struck his shoulder with a mace, breaking it from the socket. He let forth a growl and dropped his bow and spun on his opposite heel to connect his foot to the back of the head of the being, launching his head across the battlefield. With a splatter of blood, he held his broken arm and unleashed a barrage of attacks.
  2. Blair13
    {Blair's POV} I looked over my shoulder and saw a blow connect with Vaeriil and winced with the knowledge that he had taken it for me. I hated to know and to feel like I was running from a battle I could aid in but Zero did not want to seem to stop, tearing through the brush and guiding me along. Anger began to knot in the very center of my belly and it was the cowardice that was triggering it.
    The scent of a Vampyre flickered about the air but it was a cleaner scent than most so I yanked my hand from Zero's own.
    "Wait," I commanded. "There is someone else about."
  3. MistakenSanctuary
    Instantaneously, the scent of blood had sent her natural instincts into a disarray. It was tempting to get some of that blood to revive her Vampyre morals. But even Senna knew that would be wrong because of the situation everyone was in.
    Still rather confused, the female was about to try and hide herself but she caught the words 'there is someone else' and that sent her into a frenzy of panic. Heart starting to thump rapidly whilst her face turned into the girlish blush of embarrassment as she got caught, a hiss escaped her reddened lips. Her albino-like appearance becoming tense, she was about to confront the fleeing group but something caught her off guard. Pushing away the doubt of danger around her, she went on.
  4. MistakenSanctuary
    "I mean no har--" she was cut off as something smashed into her rubs.
    Pain in her side, she let out a growl of frustration and pressed a hand to her bleeding wound to try and stop the blood flow, before turning around with inhumane natural talent and she let one of her combat boots clash into the attacker's side with an intense shove. Her free hand pressing against the belt around her waist, she withdrew the specially made bamboo stick and let it retract to it's normal size [which was around six feet in length] and drove the front end of it through the opponents abdomen with a brute heave.
  5. Halo
    *sees the female kill her attacker i draw my black bladed katana and slices at another one that dropped from above and growls* blair girl vareiil duck *energy pulses within me about to unleash it upon the enemy consentrating all my attack and focus on each visible target dropping my blade, blade first, intot he ground and closes hand around each other like an O shape a vampiric aura fills the air around the group even the enmy feels it and some of them starts to back away, as if they know wats gonna happen next
  6. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    Vaeriil crouched lithely and returned his bow to his back then gripped his broken shoulder as if to cradle it for it's broken state very much gave him pain. He eyed the girl as Zero completed his task of thwarting the enemies around and was glad, for a change, that he was not the only one with the capability to fight.
    He winced when a shudder of pain traveled down the side that his shoulder was on and grit his teeth in the simple expression of his discomfort.
  7. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    As I knelt to the ground, I kept my eyes on the girl with a curiosity and the wondering of where she had come from and to how long she had been around. Seeing an object collide with her side, I crawled over to her and nodded. "I know you mean no harm; I am Blair. May I take a look at your side?"
    I felt the need to care for her in worry that a few ribs may have been broken. With the attackers being so ceaseless, merciless even, in their attacks; it would not have surprised me.
  8. MistakenSanctuary
    As a male took action and ceased the moment to clear any enemies away. A relieved sigh leaving her lips, Senna was about to turn and try to assess her current, bloodied situation; her red eyes narrowed dangerously.
    The voice making the older teen feel a bit more calm, the Vampyre turned slightly to look over to Blair with a bit of curiosity. Was she really offering help? Nodding slightly, she let her eyes pick out the two males that were completely unknown to her. Her usual albino appearance was dirtied and tousled. Overall, she looked slightly too innocent to be in such a scenario.
    "I'd be highly grateful if you did," she agreed before moving her hand out of the way to show her injury.
    It was still bleeding, and was quite deep, but fortunately, her Vampyre genes would start to work and close the wound up faster than any normal human's body would.
  9. MistakenSanctuary
    "Senna," the pale girl replied with a look of uncertainty towards the beings who had yet to introduce themselves.
    Flinching as her fingers worked at her side to peel away the clothing a bit to give Blair a better view of the ruptured skin flesh; the instinct of her Vampyre side threatened to take over. The scent made her hungry.
  10. Halo
    most of the eneimes stayed and i smirked* your mistake," *fires a huge silver beam cannon that covered move of thier spots obliterating thema ll at once and desotrying half of the forest along with them and i pant holding out a smokey hand that i used for the attack and falls to a knee and shakes head trying to regain conciousness* d-damn.......*looks at balir and the girl then at vareiil
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