The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    "Ah," Blair said as she examined the wound of the girl and aided her Vampyric abilities in the mending of it where after she sent a smooth and soft wave of warmth through her when the last of the wound had sewn itself together. Noticing and sensing her hunger, she looked up then around, "Do you feed on beasts as these? If so, than go ahead for there is not much else but the animals around.
    She ducked quickly when the beam resounded and when she saw Zero fall to the ground, she quickly got up and ran to his side. Kneeling, she stroked some hair from his face and set her soft lips to his forehead. "Sleep."
  2. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    After Zero's attack, he fell to his knees gripping his shoulder with a sigh and tensed as he did his best to bind his arm to himself, that it may not flail and injure himself further more. Removing his shirt, he ripped it to strips and made himself an appropriate bind.
    When prepared, he stood and placed himself between Blair and Zero and the girl.
    Looking at her with smokey and pained eyes, he asked, "I am Vaeriil; and you are?"
    He studied her aura and noticed her hunger, her pale skin, the way her fell over her shoulders and her clothing; in response and it wait for her answer, her merely tilted his head.
  3. MistakenSanctuary
    A sense of relief swept throughout her figure as she felt the healing start to mend her skin back together so the bleeding had completely stopped, which left a smooth expanse of her skin untouched by what had recently bloodied her clothes. Giving a thankful nod of gratitude towards Blair, Senna smiled lightly before going tense at the thought of feeding.
    Senna rejected the thought of feeding at the time being. She didn't like that part about being a Vampyre. It made her feel like a monster.
    A bit surprised when one of the males had fallen unconscious when he had released a large amount of energy, the girl quickly hurried to his side to watch as Blair comforted the being.
    Licking her lips to try and distract herself from what was happening around her, the Vampyre slowly swiveled her head to the side and tipped it slightly so she could watch the stranger with a bit of suspicion.
  4. MistakenSanctuary
    "Senna," she replied in a slow rasp of a cacophony. Round crimson eyes watching Vaeriil wearily.
    She noticed the obvious hurt in his eyes and that made her twitch uncomfortably. She couldn't heal as well as Blair, but Senna could at least close the skin that was bleeding.
    "I can help you with your . . . injury." She offered with a faint gesture of her hand.
    Slowly taking a step towards the hurt being cautiously, as if waiting for his response to try and soothe his pain.
  5. Halo
    bretahs heavy and hard, wasted so much in that attack..... waking up a few minutes later looking to blair with silver eyes and smiles huggin her8 you alright?" i asked her our noses touchign each other blushing as i look at her trying to get up and get to his feet using a still standing tree as a support beam and pants* damn...too
  6. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    I blushed a little as Zero found his feet beneath him again and gave him some of her energy in order to allow him to function. I then glanced over my shoulder to look at the girl as she announced herself as Senna and with a smile I returned my attention once more back to Zero and tends to him carefully.
  7. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    Lightly surprised by the girl's offer, he simply nodded and knelt before her so that she may reach his wound. He sensed immediately that she was a Vampyre and he was sure that Zero had as well as his Lady Blair so he said nothing as she was allowed to remain in the presence of his Queen.
    There was a light curiosity towards the girl but he said nothing as he removed the bindings that he had created, revealing raw flesh to her and much blood and damage. His shoulder was visibly broken, but to his luck, it had been a clean break.
    He winced in the pain that shuddered to movement.
  8. Halo
    *looksing at blair's neck hungrily but looks away as she felt her give him energy to make do with and looks over at vaeriil* "you okay over there?" *takes blairs ahnd walkign over to the girl and vareiil and see the damage and winces "damn you took a harder hit than i did....., anything i can do to help?" kneels beside the girl lookign at him
  9. MistakenSanctuary
    Senna carefully watched as the male undid his bandages and revealed the fresh wound that made her thoughts slowly swim with a primal instinct of her kind, but she pushed it down with a nervous crinkle of her pixie-like nose.
    Reaching over carefully with one hand extended, she pressed her smooth appendages along the wound tentatively, hoping not to hurt him as much as she thought the process would.
    Once she touched him lightly she let her own celestial strength wound out to create a sort of binding that slowly started to patch up the broken bone - thankfully it was clean cut - and within seconds the skin was mended together. But Senna wasn't much of a healer, so his shoulder would still be sore and probably bruised and delicate at the most.
  10. MistakenSanctuary
    Head swiveling slightly so she could put an attempt of a faint smile which was more of an anxious curl along her mouth, Senna rose a slender eyebrow and gestured towards Vaeriil's shoulder.
    "I don't know if I did a thorough job, or eased any of his pain." She admitted with a soft sigh. Senna was more of the silent type, never wanting to consider herself part of the outside world. But in reality she was.
    Now taking her other hand away from Vaeriil, she stood up suddenly and glanced towards Blair, before letting her gaze travel slowly along the tiny group.
    She still didn't know what was happening.
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