The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Halo
    *stand up on his boots looking at the girl looking more vampiric than ever, the sudden wind blowing his silver hair as he looked at her* "you came at the wrong time senna, those men where with a guy named scythe, a dangerous being, and you shouldnt be out here, if you cant fight, stay out of the way," *he shows of the royal akashiya blood in him as he looked at her* "you were just lucky enough to survive this onslaught, but there be more comming," he said sighing,* "but if you wish, you can join us, with blairs and vareiils permission of course," he said pointing to them
  2. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    As Senna, the girl of Vampyric scent, knelt beside him and tended to his wound, he let loose some less than honorable words towards the monsters that had nigh taken his arm. He clenched his jaw and clicked his teeth to subconsciously express his discomfort and pain. He winced at the least when the bone mended and when the flesh interwove once more, a burning pain took over the dull throb that had become a raw wound.
    When she had completed the task that she had chosen to do, he let loose the makeshift bindings and stood while embracing his shoulder with his good hand and nodded to her in thanks as she spoke. "You did well enough."
  3. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV continued...}
    When he noticed Zero a little tense and after hearing him speak as he did, he sighed lightly and shook his head once, "So eager to be blunt Zero." He turned his attention to the speculative girl, Senna, and nodded, "You are welcome amongst us but I must say that if a step is caught unabound then there is a price that must be paid."
    He took a sidelong glance to Zero, "and it will be me to do the punishing."
    "Though if good favor is kept," he said, "than you may stay for we need all the help that we can get..."
  4. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    As I watched what was happening before me, I was glad to know that Senna was somewhat of a healer and was thankful, grateful, for the help that she proffered even though she seemed wary of Zero, Vaeriil, and I. I tilted my head as Vaeriil stood and said what he did then examined Zero's reaction to the girl but said nothing and let what they said be, not sure if she was trustworthy but sure that it was likely that she was.
    A light smile touched my lips when Vaeriil seemed to be in good matter and in sensing Zero, knew that he too was alright for that blast had taken much energy from him and the life of the enemies that threatened.
    I then crossed my arms in debate and when the time came, I spoke, "I approve of your accompaniment of our party and though the boys seem a little hostile or rough around the edges, neither are so bad to be around. You are more than welcome to join us and by all means, as Vaeriil said, any little sort of help would do us much good."
  5. Blair13
    {Blair's POV continued...}
    "To explain the situation a little further, well, what you saw was a battle between us and the minions of a man named Scythe who is a worker of Blood Magic and of the shadows. Formidable he may be, he is our greatest foe, YOUR greatest foe for that matter. He is a man that strives for absolute power and would not and does not hesitate to take all that stand before him in the way of his goal. I would say though that if you choose to join us... it would be a decision that may not and cannot be withdrawn simply because that if you did; the end result would be in death not wrought by our hand but by Scythe's..."
    I stepped forward with a smile, "and seeing as that you are of capable nature to fight along side us; I wish to ask that you DO accompany us as perhaps a guardian of mine."
  6. MistakenSanctuary
    "I know how to defend myself good enough," Senna responded with a tart narrow of her crimsoned eyes towards Zero before nodding in a slight agreement - since she could sense that there would probably be more danger around this band of beings.
    Now going silent as Vaeriil spoke of presuming to accompany them, she grew tense and carefully listened as Blair went into a more depth explanation of what was happening. It wasn't the best thing to hear, but it was interesting enough to catch Senna off guard, and all the more suspicious. Likewise, she was tempted to take upon the task of being a 'guardian' of Blair's.
  7. MistakenSanctuary
    There was nothing to lose, so why not give it a chance? The worse that could happen to Senna would be death, and that wasn't much of a scare anymore.
    Standing a bit straighter now, she let her rosy lips quirk into nor a frown or smile before clasping both her hands together to intertwine the appendages to nod slightly to herself. "I guess I could go along with you guys," she agreed a bit ruefully before planting a fake smile along her mouth.
    Senna didn't really have family so there wasn't anything to gain nor lose at the time being. Huffing as a few loose strands of ivory fell in her face, the Vampyre squared her shoulders and scrunched her nose lightly. "I'd be glad to help you all," she murmured.
  8. Halo
    *looksa t vareiil and sighs saddly but nods* "yea your right,"listens to blair speak and ask the girl to be her gairdain and thinks to himself,* "then wat am i to her?" remembers an oath to be her warrior and protector and sighs to himself looking back at veriil* so we was attacked do you still know the direction to the village?"
  9. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    Vaeriil turned his attention to Zero when it was caught by him as he spoke and when he asked he question, he looked around and nodded with certainty. "Yes, I still do know the way but I fear that further enemies lied ahead and ones more powerful than these latest ones. I would ask that all keep their guard up and do not let them lull us into remission, even if they do not attack for a while. That may be our actual downfall next time and I am not too keen to let them win much less take Blair again as they did last time."
    He had cast a side long glance wondering why Zero hadn't been able to help the lady by his side but he said nothing as he took the lead, saying, "Senna and Zero, I wish for you both to follow the Lady Blair from behind as we travel; I will have the frontward guard. Time is of essence at the moment and it will not be wasted."
  10. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    As the environment fell around us to be quiet and serious again, my smile faded and my awareness stretched beyond us as I listened to Zero speak, then to Senna as she reluctantly agree to join us. I bowed my head in thanks as I said, "then you have a place amongst us and you will not be left behind in any case."
    Then as Vaeriil spoke, she sensed a sort of unease that was almost hard to catch as he spoke and agreed with him as he laid out the travel plan for I saw no wrong with what he had suggested; well... ordered really.
    "Relax Vaeriil," I said with a head tilt and a speculative gaze toward him but said nothing as I turned around and began walking in the direction that we were supposed to be going toward already. The time enough to speak and strategize now was no longer of luxury to us.
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