The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. MistakenSanctuary
    Watching Zero with a bit of curiosity as he spoke about a village, Senna stayed quiet and in the background as she stood in her place, still trying to think of what to say.
    When Blair soothed her nerved instincts, a faint smile spread along the albino's features as she nodded in agreement - but in the same time in a thanks as she composed herself to seem a bit more secure.
    "Okay," she said tentatively as she took a step back so she could hang behind for a few seconds until picking up a steady lope behind the other girl which she felt more comfortable around.
    Senses spreading out in an attempt to see if there were no danger around, the Vampyre kept silent as she stalked along the pathway they were taking - every now and then her eyes wandering around as her thoughts drifted.
  2. Halo
    looks at senna and sighs* keep focused even a slip of mind wen the enemy atatcks can easily get you killed, thats rule number one, stay focused.....rule two, dont let your gaurd down very important to every gaurdian, sometimes trickery comes into play every now and then, tricky involves death, thats sumthign we are wanting to avoid, want to learn anything else, just ask," i said not avertimg my eyes away from blair and sighs to myself
  3. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    As the caravan of the four began once more on the journey towards the village in which Vaeriil had spoken of, I said nothing to anyone as I thought about myself and why I could not remember who I was. It could well have been amnesia but even that hadn't seemed to be the case for it seemed that I had no memories, no clue as to who I was and what I had done in the past; like I was simply thrust out into the open with a new and far too clean slate to be comfortable with.
    Why had he done it? What was I NOT supposed to remember? Was there something that was so secret that he would go to the lengths of hiding it from me?
    Who.... was I?
    Why was I still here and alive; so easily let go by Scythe?
    Why do these people agree to protect me?
    Where do I really belong?.....
  4. Blair13
    {Blair's POV continued...}
    These questions roiled like Demons through my mind, nagging at me and not willing to be left unanswered but I knew that none of three in which I traveled would know anything at all besides, maybe Zero, but he didn't know myself like myself, and without myself, was I really me?
    My brows furrowed and I felt like a little kid as I gripped the bottom of my shirt with light fists.
    I felt lost and I hated it.
    I was helpless, and I despised it...
  5. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    When he took his place in lead before Blair, he took his guard and thrust it ahead, miles ahead, to gauge just how far they had to travel before they reached Nalip and found that a very large and unwanted Nightshade lied ahead. He stopped short in his tracks and let a shudder of unease ripple through his very body and tense him to the core; however Scythe had obtained this beast, he was not sure, but he could not lead the other three into danger knowing that it was there.
    A Nightshade, a weakness to any Immortal, could bat down it's target as easily as a cat hunted and devoured its prey. He clicked his teeth in irritation and turned to the party behind him.
    "We cannot continue this way," he said stiffly; his eyes guarded.
  6. Halo
    "wat? why the hell not? you mean to say sumthing is blockign our path and its gonna take longer to get to the village?" seeing in his eyes wat i said was the thruth and i sigh, "that bad huh......well, i guess cant blame you weak, blair cant fight. i dont know if senna can, and your wounded as it is, might as well go with option two.....find another way,"
  7. MistakenSanctuary
    Senna, being the observant, judging girl like any other, saw the tension that started to spring into Blair; which made the Vampyre straighten up suddenly as she soon tuned into step with Blair.
    "Something wrong?" She asked lightly. As loose strands of platinum fell around her pale features, the girl shifted lightly only to let her own gaze watch Blair intensely - knowing that she was troubled by both her actions and the look upon her face.
    Once one of the males said something about not being able to go a certain way, Senna let her shoulders square as she said nothing, only to let her eyes slide from Zero, over to Vaeriil slowly; only to watch him with a curious gaze of crimson.
  8. Blair13
    {Vaeriil'l POV}
    He nodded as Zero said to find another way with a wary glance back over his shoulder. He sighed and turned back to the party as he said, "wait here," and disappeared into the forest as if to search for another way and had had left nothing in his wake.
    As he parted from the group and disappeared than reappeared half a mile away, he closed his eyes and scried for an alternate route using the eyes of Blair's white crow that always followed. The animal did not like the intrusion and was very hostile, but with someone enticing, had convinced on the behalf of his Lady Blair. He quickly maneuvered, searching for an alternate way.
  9. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    With a startle gaze, I turned my attention to Senna, all thoughts that I'd been thinking, disappearing into nothing. "Um, yes, do not worry," I said with a smile, not knowing how to handle myself at the moment.
    When Vaeriil disappeared into the forest, I sighed and faced the direction in which we had been about to go and closed my eyes, letting them see farther and farther ahead until the Nightshade came into view. This did not make me happy.
    I reopened my eyes to face what was in front of me and faced Zero and Senna, "It looks bad indeed. Something none of us could leave a scratch upon."
  10. MistakenSanctuary
    Watching out of suspicion as Vaeriil took his leave to go scout ahead to see if there were any other free routes for the travelers to take, Senna stood there and began to absentmindedly nibble on her lower lip out of confusion and both anxiety.
    "Hmm, okay." She said a bit distantly as she furrowed her brows and let her hands curl into distinct fists as she tried to think of what to do next. Considering she still wasn't too used to the other people that she was now in a companionship with - Senna was tentative on the topic of suggesting ideas or opinions.
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