The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. MistakenSanctuary
    Following Blair and Vaeriil throughout the darkened abyss that was a cavern, the Vampyre kept her eyes slit into a hazardous, narrowed glare that showed just a Stygian black, because her pupils had dilated out of surprise.
    Her bamboo weapon ready to be retracted from it's usual place and hibernation, she kept her ballet-like shoes patter across the rocky flooring as she raced on wards with a supernatural gate that soon became a lope as she followed in pursuit.
    Long thick follicles of a platinum blonde billowed out behind her as she kept her movements light and graceful, in hopes to keep all balance whilst running.
    Hearing the roars and thuds of the monster behind them, but along with Zero just behind her, she granted a relieved exhale before continuing.
  2. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    He said nothing as Zero shouted after him and made it only a point to look back to see if his lady and the girl had followed, and seeing them close behind, he drove on; keeping up the supernatural speed that he knew all four possessed. He was grateful that there wasn't much of a threat but the moment he flew around a corner he crashed into something rock hard and froze with widened eyes as a pair of golden eyes, very large (perhaps the size of his very own large hands), gazed at him with reptilian slits. He shuddered when an odd sort of power rolled off of it. The air around was stiff and cold, frozen by the aura of the beast, but for once, Vaeriil found himself speechless.
  3. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    When I saw that the girl, Senna, had followed me, I stuck close to Vaeriil but soon stopped with much agility when Vaeriil rudely met something that stood within her path.
    "For God sake, what now?" slipped from my lips when this occurred and as soon as it slipped, I shut my mouth and bit my cheek.
    A dragon with golden eyes had averted it's gaze from Vaeriil to me.
    What is a dragon doing in a cavern so low? Since when do they exist?.... Shit...
    I didn't know how to handle dragons much less the fact that I didn't even know that they still existed, but if they did...
    Does that mean that the Dragonian Alliance still exists?
    I was at a loss of words just as Vaeriil was.
  4. Halo
    stops as i see the dragon and turns around as the big guy swung the axe at me again jumps over him and growling as i slash my sword at his chest knocking him back into the cavern wall and has stalgmites fall on top of him penetrating him to the floor as i turn back and sheaths my blade unafriad of the golden dragon that was in veiw of us and kneels before it* drakos, its an honor to see you again old friend *smiles at it then looks at the others* no need to be afraid, hes on our side, at least....i hope he still is *looks at the dragon
  5. MistakenSanctuary
    Senna, being secluded from both her natural culture and society, had no clue why both Blair and Vaeriil went quiet, so she stepped forwards only to find out that there was a huge dragon facing them all.
    Her lips curling back in a threatening snarl, she kept her pose in a defensive stance, ready so that if the thing attacked, she'd be able to at least try to defend herself. Though it was quite large - especially for the size of the cavern as well.
    When Zero pronounced that it'd be on their side, she went suddenly quiet and watched a bit at caution as she looked back to the large reptile-like creature but never did anything than watch it.
  6. Blair13
    With a keen eye and a whiff of his nostrils at the party of Immortal Bairn and cocked head while he let loose a deep rumble from his chest when Zero acknowledged him. He snuffed his breath and from it the light scent of brimstone could be tasted in the air and an odd air of Dragonic Magic shuddered through the enclosed walls as he pushed the party back, showing no hostility, but letting them into a very large cavern that gave them more than enough room. Fluorescent moss let light seep into the large area and Drako only found it necessary to ignite the Demon with the ax into flame.
    It has been a while indeed. Drakos replied with a deep voice that came only from the power of his mind.
    What are Bairn doing in the Nocturne? This is a place that you should not be; you bring enemies with you, why?
  7. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    Drakos... Yes, he was a member of the Dragonian Alliance but he did not seem to be alarmed by her presence or the others. I was surprised to know that Zero had known this dragon Drakos but did not find it a surprise that the golden scaled creature showed indifference to the situation; he even seemed a little disturbed or irate at them.
    It was hard to tell what dragons were thinking as opposed to what they were thinking and even harder if impossible to tell what their intent was.
    I said nothing and did nothing, treading carefully with silence.
  8. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    A flicker of irritation flickered through Vaeriil at the Vampyre Zero for he seemed to know very many but he knew only very little about him. Who was he? he wondered. This mystery and he did not know why Blair trusted him so much but perhaps, this trust was misplaced. In order to keep his lady safe, Vaeriil would soon have a confrontation with the Vampyre. He clicked his teeth and moved more towards the lady and Senna, only finding himself able to trust the two women with a clenched jaw and a narrowed gaze at Zero.
    The silence between him and his lady for the surrounding situation was noticeable but the silence was kept.
    Out of respect for those around him. He merely seemed tense and observant.
  9. Halo
    we are being hunted by the one whos name is scythe, *looks at blair with silver eyes* apparently he wants her for some reason, but most likely dead, as for the rest of us as well. *shakes head* we are heading to a village that is far from here. i know u would let us pass, and im sure u wont garentee our safety, but we r weak tired and wounded form the last conflict *looks at senna then at vaeriil then at blair then back at drakos*
  10. MistakenSanctuary
    Her crimson eyes flickered around wearily as she found herself in a large cavern that seemed to be illuminated by some ominous glow.
    Her gaze soon wandering around the group and noticing that Zero was having some sort of conversation with the large beast, she kept quiet, only to then observe Vaeriil as she tried contemplating on what the other male was thinking. He seemed rather silent and stiff - which made the female the same as she soon adverted her gaze in an attempt to seem respectful to the presence that filled the area.
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