The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    Only a light 'harrumph' was heard from the Dragon as he disappeared back further into the caverns. You will find no shelter here; move on Zero. I want nothing else to do with the outside world. Leave now. He growled lightly to further accentuate his point.
  2. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    She sighed softly and made her way towards another tunnel entrance. "Let us go than, we cannot afford to wait any longer for it would be too dangerous. We cannot seek shelter where we are not welcome." Her demeanor had emptied of emotion. She thought nothing and pressed on.
  3. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    Seeing as the events had turned for the worst and that his lady Blair had decided to press on, he felt nothing more than mistrust for the Vampyre named Zero and looked at Senna. "Move forward if you please, I will catch up to you and the lady not long after you press on. I must speak with Zero now. Keep her safe for me," he smiled a little, "Okay?"
    He turned to Zero with eyes emptied of everything; his aura was calm and nothing could be read from his emotion. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.
  4. Halo
    stands there in disbelief and sighs* very well...... *turns back tot he women and vaeriil before blair said to move on, knowing he couldnt argue with a thousand year old golden dragon he noded in agreement, but stopped short wen he heard vaeriil said he need to speak with him, as a halfblood vampire he knows sumthing is gonna happen. he been in this situation before, but not in the current situation wen he was in a group running for thier lives and safety
  5. MistakenSanctuary
    Noticing that they were all now taking their leave, Senna caught onto Blair's words before nodding slightly and keeping her gaze adverted from the large reptilian. Well, they had stayed long enough.
    Letting a pale hand flick outwards to let her own weapon disappear to catch hold of Vaeriil's comment to protect with Blair, the Vampire watched suspiciously as she glanced between Vaeriil and Zero and observed a rather faint, pathetic smile, she merely turned her head and rushed throughout the entrance. "Very well."
    She stated simply before stalking throughout the dim-light cavern, her breathing becoming controlled and shallow as she looked back to see if Blair was following.
  6. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    She took a place behind Senna as she followed her through the caverns, wondering why Vaeriil had desired to speak to Zero, though she could figure the reason; she remained silent. Her eyes scoured the path ahead and her facial expression had gone still as though beneath a porcelein mask that was merely meant to express an inner withdrawl.
    She was glad that the Vampyre Senna had decided to come along for it was a sort of relief to know that she was not the only woman and was content with the knowledge that maybe death would not be so bad.
    A small smile flickered over her lips but disappeared as soon as it had come.
  7. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    With the certainty that both women had moved on, Vaeriil turned his attention to Zero, his smile for Senna and Blair fading as he turned to the Vampire male.
    He knew no restraint or mercy as he asked, "Who are you Zero?"
    His often light blue eyes had gone a few shades darker and had sharpened in clarity.
    "I know you wish to protect the lady Blair but you seem to know so many and you flaunt your power even though it is not obvious. What do you want and who are you? Answer me this for forgive me but... I do not trust you."
    He crossed his arms and let his eyes narrow.
    "I am the lady Blair's first and foremost Knight of the Dark Order and I intend to protect her."
  8. Halo
    zero looks at vaeriil with silver eyes sighign and running a hand through the silver hair* the name is Zero Akashiya, son to lord issa shuzena nd lady akasha bloodriver, i came from a royal vampire family, the only vampire to be a halfblood. i do not know wat my intentions are at this point and i can see you dont trust me, but belive me wen i say im on your side instead of that creep, belive me or not, im going to protect blair with my life if i havent already. *folds arms as well leaning agasint the wall* for the time being the power you saw earlier are temporarily sealed up, i have no desire to use them unless nessassary. as far as i know im the only halfblood vampire in existence, thats as far as you need to know
  9. MistakenSanctuary
    Leaving the other's behind and only being followed by Blair, the girl kept her pace steady and light as she ran through the rough terrain - and at times a few cold droplets would hit her face from the cavern's ceiling.
    Usually Senna never started a conversation let alone participate in one that was open to her because of mere reasons of her stubborn personality. The Vampyre was quiet and distant, and liked hanging in the background rather than getting into something that might prove to blow up in the future and create a far worse problem.
    Keeping her head down as she kept on running, she began to slow her pace so that she could catch her breath and control the shaking that was suppressing itself from her inner core.
  10. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's POV}
    "You're right halfling, I don't trust you at all but the obvious amount of power you have is something that concerns me merely because it is like a double-edged blade. With a careful hand one could indeed bring much good to man but even the lightest of slips and much pain and unecessary destruction could indeed be brought into the worst of hands. For the lady's sake, I will not bring you any harm but I will merely emit a warning to you as her Knight and I will say that if this double-edged blade should fall and indeed be misconcise; I will take from you your life..."
    Vaeriil was unhappy at this point and turned on his heal towards the way in which his lady and Senna disappeared, "I will say this one last thing, my heart is Blair's as well so I will not take kindly to any act that may discomfort her... now, let us catch up to the women; we must protect them."
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