The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    {Blair's POV}
    "Do you... not talk much?" Blair asked Senna softly for she could not bare the silence a second longer. She felt vulnerable in these caverns for she could not see far, even with her extreme sight, and she wished to make conversation with the only other woman as maybe a hope to get her to relax and not worry of what would lie before them. She also hoped that Senna would not be offended by her hope for conversation.
  2. Halo
    zero sighs and nodded* if it comes to pass that i should fall into the enemies trap and they manage to use my abilities for thier porupose, ill kindly let you take my life, *zero said before vaeril walked away, siletnly following him with hands at his side and hed slightly bent hearign the words spoken just a few seconds before "i do not trust you, i will take from you your life," those words rings through his mind but he quickly get into focuse hearing blair speak to senna
  3. MistakenSanctuary
    "I'm not used to being around people, let alone encountering them for more than a day in a period," the Vampyre said lightly before slowing down and tapping a slender against her chin in an attempt to calm her prickling nerves. It wasn't normal for the girl to say much, let alone respond to such things, but truly, if she were to hang around these people, she should know them, right?
    "I'm not much of the normal kind you've probably found before." Was all Senna said before letting her soprano voice die down slowly and she resulted in keeping an urgent pace; only to catch notice that the males were catching up to them.
    Maybe she didn't have to talk then - she always felt exposed and vulnerable when having to make up something fast when it came to her talking abilities.
  4. Halo
    (wow....its dead now.....BLAIR! where are chu? )
  5. kuromeido
    Name: Kat

    Abilities: all abilities of a demon/Daemon. super strength & speed. invisibilty/teleportation. can talk to all forms of darkness.

    Personality: dark & shy at first. crazy, stubborn

    Race: Demon/Daemon

    Weapons: a small gun/sharp objects. my own fists
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