The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Hypercat2000
    Name: Shadow

    Personality: likes to fight non-stop. is shy and stealth-like.

    Race: Daemon

    Abilities: Is fast, strong, and very clever. has the ability to become darkness, and can summon darkness demons from the shadows.

    Weapons: A dark-powered sword, very sharp claws, and when mad, goes shadow-beast on everyone except the ones he is working for.
  2. CBtay01
    Hello shadow well Blair left me in charge so um Welcome I am Charleese nice to meet you
  3. Hypercat2000
    Nice to meet you, so, is this like a clan roleplay where you are rivals with other clans?
  4. CBtay01
    well yes and no i am normally the only one on sadly but if you read past conversations you can get the feeling we just hang around and do whatever
  5. Hypercat2000
    i saw that, that is kinda why i joined, and the fact that i like to Roleplay.
  6. Blair13
    *Enters* 'Tis been a while. *Looks around* Ah, hello Shadow. Charleese. How's everything been going while I've been away? I see though, not very active...
  7. Blair13
    Shadow. You fall under the Daemon Clan, do you not? Then welcome to my castle. There are victims in the dungeons that wait for you if you should need to feed, though as myself, I prefer to hunt. Though the offer stands. *Gives Charleese pocky* Nya, for your aweskomness in watching the place.
  8. Blair13
    If there is anything you need. Just tell me. Oh, Charleese, anyone under the clan of the Vampyre as of yet?
  9. CBtay01
    no but if you dont mind i would like to switch over it is crowded and boring in the Deamon clan so um ah well *kills a human as they walk near* and welcome back it has been to boring
  10. Hypercat2000
    Thank you Blair, but, as you prefer, i prefer to hunt as well, it helps me with my stealth moves.
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