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  1. Blair13
    In your profile, you will list all the characters (keeping in mind that there is a maximum of 2) you control in a profile format. This is MANDATORY and will become effective on May 10 of 2012.
    Her is the the format that you may copy and past to your own Entry:




    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:




    Skin color:



    Anything extra for the appearance:


    Weapon (optional):



    Weakness (must have ONE):
  2. Blair13
    Name: Blair Koiichi

    Age: Appears to be 24

    Gender: Female

    Eye Color: A light and icy-hued blue

    Hair Color: White

    Height: 5' 7"

    Build: Slender and well-fit

    Weight: 132 Ibs.

    Skin color: Soft white

    Clothing: A white tunic with a silver sash at the waist and tightly-fitted, black leather pants with knee-high heeled boots; also black.

    Accessories: A silver crow choker that has three rows of crow-bone beads and a tear-shaped garnet pendent hanging at the throat. A garnet set of bangles are upon her left wrist and eye make-up that extends from the corner of her eyes appearing like black vines that connect with her hair and weave throughout.

    Anything extra for the appearance: ~None~

    Ability(ies): Has the ability to manipulate silver fire and can heal with her Soul.

    Weapon (optional): A cross-like broadsword that is silver, accented with garnet and white crow feathers.
  3. Blair13
    {Blair's Profile continued...}

    Personality: She is caring and easy-going but serious and ruthless when need be. Is often considered a wise diplomat and a worthy strategist when it comes to the pursuits of war. She cares much about those she encounters but may seem as though she guards her heart quite well; without guard around those she knows well, she may also be considered fun to be around.

    Biography: With a few thousand years of experience as the Queen of the Daemon and Vampyres alike, she was first found and unlocked from the castle in which she had been eternally bound many many years before by a man that she once had loved. Abandoned and hurt, she resided within this place with spite but was soon released by an escape plotted by her and some now, valuable allies.

    Weakness (must have ONE): Her weakness is Blood Magic and though it is rare, is used by the man named Scythe.
  4. Blair13
    Name: Vaeriil

    Age:Seems to be early 30s.

    Gender: Male

    Eye Color: A deepened forest green

    Hair Color: Soft white

    Height: 6'3"

    Build: A slender build often seen with forest-walkers

    Weight: 160 Ibs

    Skin color: A darker tan

    Clothing: A white cotton, Spanish tunic accompanied with deep green, soft silk pants. Is bare foot and normally wears his bow and a quiver of arrows upon his back.

    Accessories: Silver orb snake bites.

    Anything extra for the appearance: There is a tattoo of a wolf on his right thigh.

    Ability(ies): Is able to manipulate the wind and the forest magics that he so taught himself to use.

    Weapon (optional): An oaken and elvish made bow with arrows that have iron heads.
  5. Blair13
    {Vaeriil's profile continued...}

    Personality: Vaeriil is quiet at most times and never with a wisdom to his eyes and demeanor. Having been through more in life than Blair, his Queen, he is known for having a lack of a smile but inept and sarcastic humor. He also is clever in the ways of strategy and is a formidable opponent on the battlefield and at the moment.

    Biography: Is mostly unknown and kept within himself for the most part and is hardly known to be Scythe's twin mainly due to the fact that his hair and his skin are colored the quite opposite of his brother's.

    Weakness (must have ONE): Immortal's Bane is a very rare poison that is fermented with the poison of a scorpion in the darkest of places nigh for fifty years.
  6. Blair13
    Name: Scythe

    Age: Seems to be mid-30s

    Gender: Male

    Eye Color: A deep and bloody red

    Hair Color: Black

    Height: 6' 2"

    Build: Slender due to a lack of some of his physical abilities.

    Weight: 150

    Skin color: A sickly pale

    Clothing: Black clothing beneath a black trench coat with black rider's boots

    Accessories: ~None~

    Anything extra for the appearance: There is a pentagram on the back of his neck traced in the blood that no longer runs through his veins.

    Ability(ies): He can manipulate Blood Magic and the Shadows of his Soul.

    Weapon (optional): He does not normally fight with a physical way but uses his Shadow Sword quite similar to a rapier.
  7. Blair13
    {Scythe's profile continued...}

    Personality: He holds within him much cruelty and spite for his brother and lust and greed for the woman that continues to evade him, the lady of Blair. In his pursuit he is only known with the hate and cruelty that controls him and has no true humor except for the narcissistic ideals of himself. He laughs at those beneath him, which is normally anyone besides himself.

    Biography: He grew up in the "shadow" of his brother Vaeriil only hating the fact that his parent's chose one over another. Being a continual disappointment to those around him as so he had taken the pleasure of plucking the wings of a butterfly or skinning a hare for the fun of it; his odd day-to-day habits thwarted those he attempted to love or even those who never knew him. Sadism was his joy... and still is.

    Weakness (must have ONE): His past which ignites his anger and the power that Blair so holds; the power that he wishes to make his own.
  8. MistakenSanctuary
    Name: Senna Sanctuary
    Age: 18-23 [exact age unknown]
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair Color: Platinum blonde/white
    Height: 5'3"
    Build: Slender - petite
    Weight: 114 lbs
    Skin color: Pale
    Clothing: Ivory dress
    Accessories: None
    Anything extra for the appearance: She's known to be Albino
    Ability(ies): Able to manipulate fire/heat.
    Weapon: Bamboo stick
    Personality: She's stubborn and loves to get her way.
    Biography: She once resided with afghans, but she never stayed with one family. Being an orphan, she started to look after herself and is now more of a wanderer/lone Vampyre than anything else.
    Weakness: Temperature - Ice
  9. Halo
    Name:Zero Akashiya
    Age:19 (wat he appears to be real age unkown)
    Eye Color:Silver (normal) dark silver and vampirc catlike (angery) blood red (shinso)
    Hair Color:silver
    Build:sumwat strong looking (human appearance)
    Weight:180 pounds
    Skin color:slight pale (normal) dark greay with glowing markings (shinso)
    Clothing:anything dark rarley wears light clothing, fingerless gloves and combat boots
    Accessories: occasionaly has a rosary collar, that would seal up his true form for a little wile so the true form can rest wile the image (outter form) take over during the quest
    Anything extra for the appearance: outter form:black hair blue eyes skin stays the same
    Ability(ies):energetic (inner chi attacks) elemental (normal form) dark chi abilities (shinso)
    Weapon (optional):black bladed katana never breaks nor dulls, sevral daggers, revolver pistol (if avaliable)
    Personality:half blood vampire, royal blood to shuzen family
  10. Halo
    Biography:zero was born into the shuzen family, mother akasha bloodriver (now currently missing) and father issa shuzen, who sent him to a human family wen vampiric doctors prounced him human, later in zeros early life a fallen agle visited hima nd gave him the special abilities (the inner chi and elemental), later wen zero was young lad his parents finally told him the truth about who he really belonged to, therefore zero krept into the annula vampire ball and is met by his twin moka akashiya and his other sisters akua kahula and kokoa shuzen, wen zero and moka became of age (18) moka turn him into a half vampire, destined by issa shuzen himself, later zero ventored out to the world to see some new excitement and dnagers that awaited him,
    Weakness: pure water (on full moons)
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