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  1. kuromeido
    Name: Kat

    Age: 13 (stopped aging/real age is unknown)

    Gender: Female

    Eye Color: bloody red (fighting or pissed off) dark brown (normal)

    Hair Color: Jet black, red streaks

    Height: 4'9"

    Build: human appearance

    Weight: unknown

    Skin color: tan

    Clothing: black v-neck with leather jacket & converse with booty shorts

    Accessories: a black rose necklace

    Anything extra for the appearance: none

    Ability(ies): telepathic, super strength & speed. persuasion

    Weapon (optional): small hidable gun & anything sharp

    Personality: very shy, different, & alone. dark. when u get to know me: crazy, pretty cool, stubborn

    Biography: daughter of a demon family, most family members dissapeared after a a fire, lives with older brother in a mansion, never had real friends

    Weakness (must have ONE): any connection to very powerful light
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