The Dark Angel

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  1. ryanosuke
    Thats not my call, it's my friend Mike's since he's the editor and the one who started all this. But it might not be suited for most of the people on here. (Right now from the info I got last night, the person writing the story is pretty much making it rated A for adults)
  2. AceAi
    Whats A? I'm not really good at understanding... (sorry)
  3. darkangel1240
    wow.. it seemed everything died... :[[[ you know ace and ryan, were like the only people talking in this group
  4. AceAi
    Yeah... I know what you mean... By the way, you are online too^^
  5. ryanosuke
    Yea I know, and I said what A meant. It means it's rated adult, meaning it's not suitable for people under the age of 18, lol.
  6. AceAi
    Oh...! I got it. I understand that... now. Thanks, and do some that are suitable for most of us XD
  7. mangalovertje
    I'm not dead...!!!
    I've just being busy..
    But how are you all???
  8. AceAi
    I'm fine. Haven't seen you for awhile now. You? XD
  9. darkangel1240
    hey! manga isn't dead... i haven't seen you in a while! ^-^
  10. ryanosuke
    Yay, glad to hear that your alive, lol
    I alright, I had a great night tonight.
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