The Dark Angel

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  1. mangalovertje
    Hihi I'm glad that there a people like me b alive..
    I'm doing okay...
    Just a little concussion of the brain..
    Well bye bye..^_^
  2. AceAi
    Lol... She come and she go... But lets talk about anime or manga now.
    Whats your favorites manga or anime?
  3. brokenxgirl
    hi everybody
    i love ghost in the shell any1 seen it?????
    im gonna try and get into more anime/manga stuff any opinions???
    hi mangalovertje person wanna b friends???
    im glad ur not dead even though i dont know u
    i just dont like ppl dyeing???
  4. AceAi
    Haha! Heya and Welcome to The Dark Angel^^
    I have seen Ghost in the shell, and I ever have the dvd.
  5. TheLastDarkAngel
    have you tried angel sanctuary or vampire game?both mangas are really good (well in my opinion)
  6. brokenxgirl
    thanks aceai
    its really good but i cant watch it b/c on my tv anime central has been deleted, where can u buy them???
    thelastdarkangel thanks 4 telling me about them whats the story line in both of them????
    i'll try watching them online when i have time
    thanks 2 both of ya!!! =]
    how r u all doing???
    take care bye
  7. AceAi
    @ To TheLastDarkAngel: I have seen them. They are good. I read them about some years ago.
    @ Brokenxgirl: My pleasure! Always glad to be of help^^
  8. ccamo
    what r u guys talking about? i'm clueless. my head is surronded by ????????????????????? lol
  9. mangalovertje
    I think nothing special...
    Me confused too lol..
  10. darkangel1240
    heyyy! what's up every one? what's going on here? I'm lost
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