The Dark Angel

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  1. AceAi
    Fine^^ And Thanks Pam XD
    And Heya Akura Kitchen princess is good, but Sora...
  2. mangalovertje
    No problem Ace...!!
    I'm glad I could help..^_^
    But if I know more I will let you know..
  3. ryanosuke
    OMG AKURA IS HERE *big hugs akura* lol

    Yea, Kitchen Princess is good, never seen the anime though, just read the manga.
  4. darkangel1240
    sorry guys..... i don't really like Naruto... or Skip Beat. Any here like Kingdom Hearts?
  5. ryanosuke
    It's ok darkangel1240, I don't mind. But I do like Kingdom Hearts ALOT! I like the game though, not the anime or manga.
  6. darkangel1240
    Thanks Ryan! ^-^ I like everything about Kingdom Hearts! *sigh* if i only had a playstation 2
  7. ryanosuke
    They aren't that expensive, maybe you could save up your money and buy one.
  8. brokenxgirl
    yeah playstation 2 have gone down in price alot now the playstation 3 is out
    which i really want but thts lik really dear
    i like D.N. Angel im getting really into tht
    but i havent read the book
  9. secret lover
    hey uhm does anyone of any good manga or anime if so please tell me.
  10. AceAi
    Been awhile^^
    What do you like. Secret lover? Action? Romance?
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