The Dark Angel

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  1. lessaangel
    This group called dark angel was one of my names but know im the lesser angel!!!!!!
  2. brokenxgirl
    ummmmm ok cool ......wanna b friends
    *waves at u all* bye take care every1
  3. AceAi
    Been awhile. I currently watching Fairy and Earl. A new anime. I think it is pretty great ^^
  4. brokenxgirl
    ok whats it about?????
    take care every1 bye bye *waves*
  5. AceAi
    About a fairy doctor and a guy that like her. Its fun and I like it ^^
    Try watching it
  6. brokenxgirl
    ok then, ummmmm....what was i gonna ask u...............HAHAAAA!!!! where can u watch it online????
  7. AceAi
    There are many other series too^^
    I think it is a good side
  8. brokenxgirl
    ok i'll try it sometime im in school @ the moment but when i have lunch and everything i'll try and get on it....hehehehe
    im really sneaky in school
  9. darkangel1240
    lolz! Hola every body! estoy muybien? lolz lmao! who here likes Bullet for my valentine or Tokio Hotel?
  10. brokenxgirl
    hi darkangel1240 i cant speak spanish or whatever u put in another language.
    omg i love bullet for my valentine,havent heard any of tokio hotel's songs so idk if i like them
    what else do u like???
    do u like guns 'n' roses???? theyve come back and i got their new cd
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