The Dark Angel

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  1. brokenxgirl
    yea i love garden of eden tht song rocks (if ya havent heard it listen its......abit fast but it still rocks)
    y would i blow u off like them pricks on myspace.
    no i havent seen it whats it about????
    hi aceai how r u??
    nm only tht i might b going 2 c funeral for a friend on the 13th december.which rocks
    gotta go now bye
  2. mangalovertje
    Hi everyone...
    How are yah..??
    So how is everything hanging here..??
  3. Renmaru
    Hiya^_^. Its going great. Can't complain. teheee. RAWR. Bow and smile back.
  4. Renmaru
    Thanks Brokenxgirl. I don't know I guess some people aren't comfortable meeting new people. I don't know maybe its just me. But a lot of people on myspace blow you off. Again maybe its just me. Got plans for the weekend. I am going to hang out with some of my buddies from school.
  5. mangalovertje
    ow hiya Renmaru-chan..^_^...
    That's stupid they blow you off on myspace...
    I have one too but if they do something like that to me..
    They will never see light again...hehehe...
  6. brokenxgirl
    oh ok i wont blow u off so dont worry.......
    i missed u so much
    ummm well i met up with my friend and next weekend going 2 c funeral for a friend.
    gotta go bye take care every1
  7. AceAi
    Lol. I'm confused. Don't ever know what you all are talking about. But... Have someone some good manga or anime to me? I'm bored and want to read or watch something. HELP!!!
  8. brokenxgirl
    hi aceai how r u??? what have u been up 2???
    im very very bored
    bye bye every1 take care *waves*
  9. mangalovertje
    AceAi-chan..that's weird you and bored...
    Oh well..Nope I dont know wich one you didnt read or did..
    So I cant help you out with this...>.<
  10. brokenxgirl
    im bored b/c im in school and theres nothing 2 do here
    omg i love shane hes so cute!!!! =]
    i hate his wife marrisa *says marrisa in stupid immature voice*
    omg i hate her shes married 2 some1 thts really cute and has 2 adorable kids of him........
    if any1 wants 2 know what he lloks like type in on google
    shane mcmahon awww hes so cute and i love his dance.
    hes works in wwe (wrestling)
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