The Dark Angel

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  1. wolfleaf
    sry i have not been on for like a long time i have been sick, so how is every one?
  2. brokenxgirl
    well i hope ur alright now and ur fine idk if ur speakiong 2 me but how r u???
    wanna b friends???
  3. mangalovertje
    Glad that you are now better wolfleaf...^_^...
    I'm okay but I dont know of the rest..^_^..
  4. AceAi
    Lol. Everyone, and no help? Anyways...
    I just brought a manga by the name Rure and it is pretty great. I like anime and manga about gender bender and romance. But only if the girl is the heroine
    So... Someone know any good serie?
  5. AceAi
    And by the way. I'm sick and haven't been to school in a week
  6. Renmaru
    Acei go to They have tons of anime and for manga go to
    I am the only one in my famiy that is not sick. We are on lock down because of a stabbing and the swat came and everything. So...not good.
  7. Renmaru
    I just read a manga called me2. Its pretty good. I think anyway. Its about this girl who is trying to coop with her brothers death and gets bullied everyday.
  8. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    hi everyone,so how is everyone today????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????
  9. Hakura
    Hi Everyone. Hows it going? What kind of manga do you guys read?
  10. Hakura
    Hi Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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