The Dark Angel

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  1. Shiratsu
    Well I am fine. How are you?
    And also welcome back my friend.
  2. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    Welcome back! I'am fine,how about yourself?.........
  3. Shiratsu
    Hello everyone, I have bad news for you all.
    Your dark angel king, might be banned. WE all had a good run and I might have to bid you farewell..
    Good bye/
  4. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    yeah you well after want you said to that man.I cant believe what you said.(iEven though I was there when you said it.)
  5. Shiratsu
    I never got banned after I told off the owner.
  6. mangalovertje
    Well I'm fine...
    And thanks for your welcome back..^_^...
    So what's up with everyone...???
  7. Stormwolf
    Well hello all. I live in Omaha Nebraska.
    I haven't posted in here for awhile lolz.
  8. NaChan
    Hi guys!
    I just joined so nice to meet you...
    Call me na-chan or nana(-chan?), I live in Paris.
    Let's be good friends!^^

    Does that make cliché?
    Well, I guess it does... T_T"
  9. mangalovertje
    Hi NaChan...^_^...
    Welcome here...
    So how are yah...??
  10. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    Hello , how is everyone?
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