The Dark Angel

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  1. AceAi
    Been a while! XD
    I draw my own manga too!
    But... You guys know where I can watch One Piece? I want to watch it from episode 320, but can not find it... it been removed or in another language (in english, or germany please) -.- ... Please help!!!
  2. darkangel1240
    Hey guys! I hope u guys don't really mind if i could join ur group? And btw im Sara.
  3. wolfleaf
    well welcome to dark angel I'm wolfleaf (turns to you and bows) but you can call me james
  4. Elocinixcz123
    hellooo Sara... hahah.. i'm glad that there's someone new here... heheh...
    *AceAi.. really?.. you too?.. hahah.. i'd love to see it too.... if you won't mind?... heheh..
  5. darkangel1240
    So guys... What's up? Im just being bored! And being very very lonely!
  6. AceAi
    You are always welcome Sara! Oh, and nice to meet you! XD been awhile everyone! To *Elocinixcz123 yeah I do! but... it's not really good... *blush... but i do want to be better
  7. AceAi
    And Sara. Your name, darkangel1240 is pretty much like The Dark Angel. Do you like the name? I like it XD
  8. darkangel1240
    Yeah. I like the name! it does remind me of my user name!
  9. lilkittykat13
    hi i'm lilkittykat13 but you can call me namie. i hope i can meet some ppl who will make really nice friends
  10. AceAi
    Welcome to The Dark Angel, Namie! I hope we can all be friend. Anyways, nice to meet you XD *shy, shy
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