The Dark Angel

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  1. mangalovertje
    Hi there...
    I'm fine...
    What about yourself...???
  2. AceAi
    Now now everyone. I made this room so that we would talk about Anime or Manga.
    So why are you all talking about something else?!
    By the way, Welcome, Na-chan^^ Smile
  3. AceAi
    I have been reading Tsubasa Chronicles again from the start, and I still think the story is great... I like Sakura
  4. ccamo
    Right now I am reading Fushigi yuugi. It is a really funny manga. You guys shoud ttly read it.
  5. Renmaru
    Hiya^_^!!! How is everybody. Ihaven't read that manga yet let me know if it any good. Welcome NaChan. Everyone is always yourself at home.
  6. AceAi
    I have read Fusigi Yuugi. The story is good, and I like Miaka and her big stomach >.<
  7. brokenxgirl
    hi every1
    sorry i havent been on 4 a while im really annoying i cant go and c mindless self indulgence
  8. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    were is every one? Its like you guys are never on..
  9. mangalovertje
    I'm here...^_^...
    Hahaha...Oh well...
    How are you guys...???
  10. AceAi
    Sup? I forgot this side for some day... and are finally in^^
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