The Dark Angel

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  1. Renmaru
    Good luck with that exam^^. i am doing good actually i have just been busy with my exams and swamped with school work lately^^ I am sorry I haven't been on. I just wanted to let you guys know i am not dead. haha^^ just kidding but i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.^^
  2. jonny
    hey wats up this is the first i talked on this clan
  3. Virgil Salscada
    hey im new i just barly found this website by accident and so far it looks preety cool. so wats els dont i know about this site already, im still trying to figure out how and what everything does and is.
  4. jonny
    i found it the same way lol i wonder when people will be on
  5. Renmaru
    hey what's up new members^ ^
    and welcome to the dark angels^_^
    I hope you enjoy yourselves and have fun^ ^
  6. AceAi
    Haha... Hello to you all. I havent been on. cus of exams... they sure are strict about it... and I REALLY hate it... aw... -_-"
  7. Renmaru
    yeah exams always suck.....they make it seem like the worst...
    Just keep a level head, dont stress, dont be nervous and everything will be fine^_-
    they kust pressure you cause they want to do a good kob so it makes them look like they did a good job haha^ ^
    But the important thing is weather you failed or not you tried your best^^
  8. neko nathaniel
    lol tru tru lol but myn are dun and i never hafe to worry about them ever again becaus i paseed them all yayme -^^- lol so any ways whats up? me ther was a art comp '7'7'09' and i won it was a comp for anime for your own persun or anime,manga persun i won the anime,manga one lol the lady sed i won both but thay sed it was unfar if thay gave me both gifts so thay gave it to the runner up
  9. AceAi
    Im in Vietnam right now. Tried to buy news anime and manga, but just can't find any... Waaaaa
  10. emforshorts
    Hi (:
    You're in Vietnam? That's cool, what city? I'm from Vietnam...I think you can find mangas at the local bookstores, but i doubt they'd have many... :|
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