The Dark Angel

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  1. darkangel1240
    it's always nice to meet new people! im Sara and welcome!
  2. lilkittykat13
    hey dark angel1240>> do you want to be friends?

    aceai>>>>do you want to be friends?
  3. AceAi
    Of course I want to! It is always nice to become friend with new people!
  4. darkangel1240
    Sure! It's always wonderful becoming friends with new people! XD
  5. xxxRenenexxx
    hi im rene and i was wondering if i could make some new friends
  6. Elocinixcz123
    hey guys!.. its been a while... n_n
    *AceAi.. that's okay.. I always wanted to be a good artist too but I couldn't exercise it nowadays.. hehehe... n_n so busy...
  7. AceAi
    Yeah... I know what you mean... By the way, you can call me Ai ^^! And Rene. Nice to meet you *smile and bow* I am sure that you will get some new friend here >.<
  8. mangalovertje
    hi..i'm new here in this group..
    and i hope i could talk about anime...
    and make friends..
  9. Elocinixcz123
    hello.. mangalovertje.. (do you have a simpler name?)
    I could be your friend if you like.. just pm me or invite me..
    hahah.. and every one here also..
  10. mangalovertje
    well my name is pamela..
    but you can call me pam...
    it's short...
    well i would like to be your friend...
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