The Dark Angel

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  1. mangalovertje
    then i know one but it's not finished yet..
    Special A...
    Or maybe Kiddy Grade..
    Black Cat...or Ghost Hunt
  2. AceAi
    Seen them all... Special A is just so funny! Kei is so cute^^
  3. mangalovertje is...
    I think this one too...
  4. AceAi
    Seen that too... That is why I want to see newest one...
  5. ryanosuke
    Hi I'm new here. I'm Ryanosuke the Lone Wolf, but you can just call me Ryanosuke, or as mangalover calls me, Ryano-kun. If your looking for new anime, have you seen Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, it's a pretty good anime. What about Marmalade Boy? Or Tide-Line Blue?
  6. wolfleaf
    nice to meet you, but to all who don't know its my b-day today...time to party
  7. mangalovertje
    yeah it's a good anime kamikaze kaitou jeanne..
    oh and wolfleaf...
    have a nice day then..
    and a happy birthday..!!!
  8. AceAi
    Ah *O*! i DIDN'T know that! Sorry, Wolfleaf! even if it is a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY (LET'S PARTY)! By the way. I have seen them... Kaitou Jeanne, mamalade Boy and Tide Line Boy... And, then "Ryan" (if it is alright I call you that) Welcome! Nice to meet you!
  9. AceAi
    This is sooooooooooo booooooring! Why are no one here?!?!?!?! *Shout out loud!!!!*
    Someone please come and save meeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm sooooo bored!!!!
  10. ryanosuke
    Hiya AceAi sorry for not replying sooner. Yea you can call me ryan, funny thing since it's my middle name(no joke) lol. Hmm, well my friend Ian from school reccomended me to watch Outlaw Star, so maybe you might wanna check it out as well? Oh and Happy Late B-day wolfleaf, sorry I wasn't here to wish you it on the right day.
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