The Dark Angel

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  1. AceAi
    Kirby is just so funny! >.<! I love them sooooooo much!! So how everyone been doing lately?
  2. darkangel1240
    i'm doing good ... i'm pretty bored Ace.... :[ .............
  3. AceAi
    Yeah... I know how you feel... 'cause I'm the same too -,-'
  4. ryanosuke
    Wow you know alot Ace, god I'm gonna have to pull soemthign outta the archives probably
  5. AceAi
    I know... I just have to find something to do... But I can not think of anything!!! o.0
  6. darkangel1240
    <((((^-^))))> Fat Kirby! XD idk.. i'm bored. Anyone watch Invader Zim?
  7. AceAi
    What is Invader Zim? Anime? Manga? Is it great? >.<
  8. ccamo
    hey every1. I'm new to this site would you mind helping me?
  9. darkangel1240
    AceAi? you don't know Invader Zim? I used to be a old cartoon show that was on tv. It stopped in 05' The show is awesome! I fell in love with one of the characters... you see my icon and sig? That's invader zim! he's cuutte! <3 His name is Gir!
  10. AceAi
    Never seen that before... I didn't really watch tv much so I don't know...
    And hey, ccamo ^^ 'course we will help you ^^ -smile-
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