The Dark Angel

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  1. ryanosuke
    @ darkangel1240: Lol, all bow down to Gir, the mighty leader because he saves room for cupcakes! lol, I know about Invader Zim

    @ccamo: of course I'd be glad to help, I know alot about how this site works, so feel free to message me anytime you get stuck^^

    @ AceAi: Hello Ace!
  2. AceAi
    Ryan... Help me too...? I'm don't really understand this side since beginning =.=
    I just created it, "The Dark Angel" I mean
  3. darkangel1240
    hello ccamo! welcome 2 the darkangel and AO! ^-^......
  4. darkangel1240
    YAY!!! gir! i loveeee gir! cool! want 2 be friends ryanosuke?
  5. ryanosuke
    @ darkangel1240: Sure, sure, I accepted your request^^

    @ AceAi: It would be my honor to help you, seeing as I know alot. Just tell me what you are having trouble with?
  6. AceAi
    Well. First. What do we do with those credits? I don't know what to do with it
  7. darkangel1240
    Yeaaaa... and btw.. call meh Sara! XD i can take it that ur name is Ryan?
  8. ryanosuke
    @darkangel1240: Yea, it's actually my middle name, but people just got it from my username, so I just have everyone call me Ryan. It's nice to meet you Sara.

    @AceAi: I'm really sorry but I have no clue what they are doing with them now, back when they first came onto the site, they were used to buy special item you could only find on this site, but now I don't even know how to find out how many I have.
  9. AceAi
    Heh... Okey, guess there is nothing to do with them
  10. darkangel1240
    nice to meet you too! XD so... what kind of anime do you like?
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