Vampire Powers

  1. Xyore
    Many people think that vampires can only: turn into bats, suck blood, have superhuman strength, jump really high, see from far, etc.

    You all should know that vampires can do more than that! If it's true, then tell me what you think vampires can do.
  2. animefreak150
    i think they are sensitive to light but wont really burn and they are stuck up brats
  3. Darkbird the Scarred
    Not true, they are just used to knowing that they are on top of the food chain, which they are!
  4. Halo
    thats isn't fair, vampire can caome in all sorts of ways, take the white knights clan for instance, they r really sensitive to sunlight but all they get tho is a really bad sunburn on their skin. the black horses r nothing but blood suckers, they drink blood all day to stay alive, and the blood dragons, which i am in, is consist of day walkers with very special powers, there r hundereds more clans that i can name off if u want me to
  5. Silver Eyes
    Specialized clans? Are you joking? Please tell me you are...
  6. Halo
    *folds arms* okay yes i am joking....*laughs* no i'm actaully not
  7. Silver Eyes
    Alrighty then..... Believe what you will. Although i don't believe in the bat thing.
  8. Halo
    pshhh, that is a total myth, wec ant turn into bats, trust me many tried, but none succeded
  9. AnYue Tenjo
    i think their a little sensitive to light the older they get the better it gets. also i think they MIGHT be able to transform but not a bat, something a little closer to the body mass maybe.
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