why ?

  1. Dreaming girl
    why do you like vampires ? for me I like them Because they are wonderful creatures & Creatures of a permanent
  2. Darkbird the Scarred
    I like vampires because they are immortal, powerful, and beings of darkness. And also because they are a part of this world yet apart from it.
  3. Halo
    i like vampires becuase of the way they look, if females were ugly when they were human, then they are beutifle when they r vampires, see where i'm going with this? oh and also because they have awsome powers
  4. Princess Ashe
    i like vampires because they are powerful, immortal, beautiful, elegant, and the beings of darkness. also they are in my fave animes
  5. Namine
    I like vampires because they a so different and mysterious. I mean the have emotions that are similar to ours, if not the same as ours. And they make interesting anime characters. Some of my favorite animes are vampire animes.
  6. Halo
    percisely, question, if u were and anime vampire, what would u look like and what powers would u have?

    name: zero casey
    vampire status: half blood with angel blood
    powers:elemental, and energy
    weapons of favorite: black bladed sword
  7. superstar9156
    i like vampyres because of thier unique sense of nature and the world.
  8. Halo
    if u wer an* dang i hate stupid typos. but still, vampires have a great sense of personality and sense things in the world
  9. AnYue Tenjo
    Their very mysterious and beautiful creatures. Their elegance knows no bounds and their powers surpass all. They embrace darkness rather than hide from it. They might look arrogant to others but their not and if they are they have every right to be. They know more of this world than the mortals who walk upon it and call it home, and pity them for their ignorance of their own demise brought on by their own hands.
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