1. Genma758
    Hmm... very intersting very interesting...why me? what do you see in me and why do you see this? what do i have that interests you? I Dont see much with this and why am i the first to post? hm...very interesting.

  2. blackrose92
    well im glad you chose me for the group...but can i ask why?.......
  3. animehunter3319
    there is one reason i chose you three people to be in my group. the reason is because its a group to learn more about eachother and to find out eachothers likes and dislikes. so i chose you three because you were nice enough to add me as your friend.
  4. blackrose92
    oh well thats cool^^ aww i feel appreciated thank you ^^
  5. Zev
    Hello all. Social groups are new to me, last time I was at this lovely fourm, they didn't have this feature. So I figured I would try it out an see how I like it.
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