The Darkest side..!!

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  1. animegabe
    I joined because darkness is beautiful, "a lagoon of darkness is an essence of beauty"
  2. mangalovertje
    so you think it too...
    the darkness gives a silence away..
    it makes everything beautiful..
  3. animegabe
    look at my phrase in my signature it explains all my theories
  4. darkblue
    hmmmm....not many members....hehehe well hmmmm...darkness *thinking* darknes darkness....well sorry to say that today ive got nothing! maybe tomorrow, i'll take a rain check
  5. mangalovertje
    Hi welcome darkblue..
    So you like darkness too after all...
    Well it's okay to have not many members cause..
    In the darkness is it a bit lonely dont you think..
    But I like it that way dont you think..
    Quiet but nice...
  6. darkblue
    hey someone is talking to me!!!!!
    yes i think its is better like this
    darkness rocks!!
  7. mangalovertje
    Of course someone is talking.. hihi..
    Finally someone is thinking the same as me..
    About darkness..
  8. darkblue
    yeah man!
    lol sorry i just got exicted about this lil convo!
  9. mangalovertje
    Don't be sorry...
    It's peaceful for me but I come more a life...
    When it's dark...
  10. awesomeparty12
    when its dark i shine i am darkness my life is surrounded in darkness i guess my love is darkness it is a spell placed upon me by god who shuned me and threw me from heaven
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