1. Darkbird the Scarred
    There are days when I look in the mirror and ask, who am I? My thoughts are so dark at times and other times, well, not. Those dark thoughts are so dark and hateful, I am begining to question my soul.
  2. Alice Hatter
    We all have dark and hateful thoughts. That doesn't change who you are. Your soul is yours to command, so chose wisely with what you do with it.
  3. Darkbird the Scarred
    Thank you. But I fear I may have lost my soul long ago, and have been overtaken with darkness.
  4. voni
    is this really matter that who you are..............? living in this is like to walk around alone having dead soul
  5. kuromeido
    i feel u, bro...(yes, imma girl) i've had my moments. "who am i?" "is there any reason for me to live?"
    (sigh) i'm a lonely soul, a lonely person...(sighs yet again)
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