death is only the begining!!!

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  1. kimmybearxoxoshugo
    hello peeps this is gangster anime 4 gangsters so if u cant b gangster...............sike come and hang wit the mummys!!!!!!!!!!
  2. lessaangel
    i like the mummys do u guys????????//
    and im am a mummy with in my spirit!
  3. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    Hello Everyone Kimmy told me to join this group,so here I'am.LoL
  4. anonymous
    Hah the sister thought it was dumb but I liked it
  5. Rabanastre
    hey ppl was any one here born dead like me and i know u weren't lessaangel because i go to school with u

    P.S. ur a DA
  6. Martin Z
    Martin Z
    Not me but sure feels like it.
  7. anonymous
    i dont remembr...but im alive so im guessing im not....oh you mean depressed?yah i can be emo at times.
  8. Rabanastre
    by being born dead i mean being born dead then all of a sudden you were alive because you had a perpose in life but not knowing what it is and when you have to do it
  9. kimmybearxoxoshugo
    when i was born i had ethier a heart transplant or sergrie cause i still have the i guess they put me 2 sleep....but i could of died.....does that count????

    my perpuse has something 2 do with guys cause every 1 in thi social group at the moment is a dude........
  10. kimmybearxoxoshugo
    OH YEAH EVERY BODY THINK OF A EGYPTION NAME.....MINES anck su namun(anak su na moon)and im married to pharoh seti the first and am having a secret affair with the high priest imhotep!!!!!!!!!

    i got all of this from the mummy(movie) i cant wait 2 get the 3rd 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
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