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  1. demonicloud
    personally i dont like nero but alot of people do. why?
  2. Frozen Rose
    me too !! i don't like him much i love Dante very much and i can't look to another guy LOL ... i think i don't like him because he is just like a child lol well i see him like that XD , what about you , why you don't like Nero ? .. =^_^=
  3. demonicloud
    because he tries to hard to be a combo of dante and vergil. they didnt really need him when they had all the classics come back in 4. nero was an extra that they had to put love in it...... wow
  4. Frozen Rose
    LOL that is so~ true he can't come near my Dante LOL .. oo right do you know when the new DMC come out ... or it came out ?? .... =^_^=
  5. demonicloud
    still no clue, hey little fun fact, nero originally was supposed to be a girl!!! When image host is fixed i will submit proof!! haha its hilarious
  6. Frozen Rose
    REALLY !!!! that is why he have such ummm girly pretty face LOL , host some images to have fun i really want to see !!!!!!!!! LOLLLLLL .... =^_^=
  7. Konkikushuro
    You all are right about Nero.
    Personally i feel as nero is A very hardcore charcter who is balanced plus he's a newcomer to the series.
    If he was a "fan Vetern" like Dante well...
    He's be loved almost as much.
    either way Dante is not balanced at all his attacks and dogding skills actaully on a "player friendly" level...
    they are....terrible
    He can't dodge like nero can.
    But i digress...
    He is still cool and ppl come on...
    Give the little poser a chance
  8. 01marth
    Sorry Nero it a bada$$ name and not too meation hard head like me he just go with the flow killing anything in his path. Not to meation the hard music that goes with it most like him because he still needs to learn a lot more to be a devil arm like dante. He attuide is the way of "I don't give a damn or a crap" so EPIC........
  9. death13
    Dante and Nero are pretty much equally cool to me. I like Dante's fighting styles a bit more though and his weapons. My favorite DMC weapon is the red queen.
  10. death13
    So in a way I actually ment to say I like dante's fighting but Nero's* weapons. The red queen is the best and I guess Nero is actually cooler to me Because like the guy above said he is all like " I dont give a damn"
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