The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan

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  1. Hypercat2000
    Please include the name, age, personality, weapons or powers, looks, and what clan it is in in your description of your character.
    Mine is:
    Name: Shadow
    Age: unknown
    Personality: Social, loves to kill for a living, is leader of the Shadow clan.
    Weapons or Powers: Has two shadow blades, Razor sharp claws, and has the power of darkness.
    Looks: Is all black, with peircing red eyes.
    Clan it is in: Shadow.
  2. radeclew
    Name: Kroom
    Age: unknown
    Personality: easily anger, and cold heart .
    Weapons or Powers: an ancient demon bone, with ability of controlling the souls of those he kills.
    Looks: red and black, the dead skin of his victims, and black eyes.
    Clan it is in: shadow clan.
  3. Hypercat2000
    Welcome to the group kroom, when you find out what clan you are in, let me know.
  4. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Name: Darkon.
    Age: Eternal, is ageless.
    Personality: Merciless, destructive, very cold hearted, ruthless, and almost always angry.
    Weapons or Powers: Breathes very intense fire that can burn absolutely anything, has very sharp claws empowered with darkness, and can cause one's mind to become twisted.
    Looks: & &
    Clan it is in: Dragon Clan.

    Those pics ought to describe it's looks well enough. :P Hope this character is acceptable. >.>
  5. Hypercat2000
    nice to meet you Darkon, would you like to be the leader of the Dragon Clan? if you do become leader, we will be bitter rivals fighting for territory.
  6. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Friends, being bitter rivals? Lol J/k, just between clans. :P I like the idea of being the leader of something, but what exactly would the different be if I was a leader, or not? Aside from the fact I'd be the leader of that clan. XP
  7. Hypercat2000
    you would have lead your army into battle against my army, it you were leader.
  8. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Hm...right now I'm the only one in this clan, no one to lead. >.> How exactly does this work anyways? Is it RP? I've never really done any RPing before... <_<
  9. Hypercat2000
    yes, it is RP, but, i need to get a few more people to join, so if you could help me get people to join, that will help.
  10. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    I didn't know this was an RP group... <.< I'll completely mess everything up when it comes time to get into the RPing. Crap, I've always got something to worry about...I'll be into something I can't handle, I definitely can't be the leader, I shouldn't even just be in it as just somebody that will be epic fail instantly. XP
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