The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan

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  1. Hypercat2000
    Hey, don't get down on yourself, i am no good either, but, i am willing to try RPing for once, give it a shot.
  2. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Do you know much about what to try and do when RPing to be a good RPer? Because I don't...and how would I go about getting PM to join? Say something under my signature? Can't exactly go around PMing random members. :P
  3. Hypercat2000
    true, i will make a signature stating to please join my group. i post in a lot of forums.
  4. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Okay, good idea. I'm still really not sure about the idea of my RPing though, I've proven to be a very bad writer time and time again...I could PM some of one of my fan fics if you'd like. XP
  5. Hypercat2000
    that is fine with me. go ahead and send it to me.
  6. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    I try writing it a little differently with each fan fic I've tried...trying to get better, and eventually good hopefully, but I just don't see it happening...I will send you my latest fan fic though, I'm sure it'll appear to be less than superb. XD
  7. Hypercat2000
    okay. i will let you know when i see it.
  8. CBtay01
    hey every one i am a fan of role play so if this is one i am sooo here
  9. Hypercat2000
    yes, it is a roleplay group, how are you and thank you for joining.
  10. radeclew
    nice!..... the group is growing.... now let the RP begins!.......... when do we kill?
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