The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    heh.thats the spirit.*puts a darkness sheild in front to block flames*
  2. Forlorn Shadow
    I just like to wacth people beat together to a bleeding mades me cry tears of joy..
  3. CBtay01
    lols thanks for the info he he.........................
  4. anonymous
    "you should never get distracted by the distraction!"strikes him with a boulder after he blocked the fire.
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    occ- srry we didn't get to have our big fight. so what did i miss? hypercat
    "you shadows cant defeat me in this state. taste my flames."
  6. Zero666Mitaki
    hmph,wut an annoyance*teleports behind anonymous and blasts him away with an aura of darkness and light*
  7. kaki tori kaizoku
    " you call that an attack... i'll show you an attack. lets turn up the heat." surrounds zero in a flame sphere.
  8. anonymous
    (blood everywhere with the body majorly de-formed...but the world around seems to fade away."a mind trick..."i said with obviousness"...i said dont get distracted by the distraction...go get him kaki tori!"
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    " as long as i get to fight someone... i don't mind. flamethrower."
  10. Zero666Mitaki
    hmm,its getting kinda warm in here*creates a shock wave of light around myself*ahh,much better*evil snicker*
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