The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan

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  1. Akaryu792
    true dat we shadows take no shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well pwn any dragon in our way
  2. Zangen
    age 17, shadow clan, wep: ebon blade, move of choice: void of the damned. Ha looks like your haveing quite the tussle with Kaki, id join in but that wouldnt be fair, maybe if we got atleas 7 more dragon members we could tag team for some fun
  3. Zangen
    Let me know how things work out Akaryu, and tell zero happy birthday for me. Shadow will destroy the dragons, fire is hot and bright, but not if it can't escape the grasps of the shadow's fury.
  4. Akaryu792
    "ooooooooooooohhh kaki ur clan bein dissed by the new guy im sure ur sad little clan can muster up a few more weaklings at the least seein how u r so strong" XP kk dude
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    " talk is cheap. does you clan have the strength to back that tough talk?" i say as i launched a series of fireballs.
  6. aka tanken
    aka tanken
    hey im new here. i know some of u so i figured id join. what do u guys do here exactly?
  7. Akaryu792
    we just role play choose to be a dragon or shadow .
  8. Akaryu792
    "heh sad ur gonna die kaki u were a sad opponent" uses shadow barrier and follows up with darkness waves from zweiheinder "u dragons r all the same pathetic"
  9. Zero666Mitaki
    heh.this battle bores me.not enough blood.*goes behind kaki tori and stabs her through the back of the head*i have always wondered what dragon blood tasted like........lets find out out*rips out the blade and takes a lick*ahhhhhhh,refreshing.......o,im done with u gone.*launches kaki tori back with a darkness wave*
  10. kaki tori kaizoku
    occ-hey tanken welcome to the group .
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