The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    *I follow up by by multiplying my blades and shoving 100s of them into kaki tori*akaryu is right.u could of been on our side but u chose death.*the blades rotate at high speed and cuts kaki tori into ribbons*
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    occ- why is it im the one who always gets attacked? and on another note, i won't be able to respond to some of your attacks on the fact that im busy. ill try to respond when i can.
    " you thing your blades are strong enoughtto perice my dragon scales, think again!" and launches the blades back to zero.
  3. Zero666Mitaki
    "Never attack someone with their own weapons you fool!" I stop the blades mid-flight and sends them flying to tanken instead, peircing his body into the ground

    (your right Kaki Tori, but no one else is responding to this thing. We need more members or something.)
  4. aka tanken
    aka tanken
    before the blades could perice my body protect myself using lighting.
    " and your right zero you should never attack someone with their own weapons, i prefer to use my own." i said as i unsheathed by lightning blade." say hello to thunder." i said as i charged towards zero.
  5. Zero666Mitaki
    thunder you say?hah,what a pathetic element.easily removable *i shoot 100s of black and white lightning rods from the ground and they suck away the electricity*heh,how pathetic.
  6. Akaryu792
    "zero why do you tease with such a weak move finish him i feel these dragons are pathetic"
  7. Zero666Mitaki
    "indeed they r my friend but why spoil the fun of their torture?"the rods suddenly shoot lightning at tanken and eletricute him,making him scream in agony"yes.....feel the pain of 1000 deaths u pathetic worm!"
  8. Akaryu792
    "HA! all those who are dragons shall always die by us shadows"
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    occ: wow no one has posted here in awhile.
    cc-surrounding them in flames, "we will not go done without a fight."
  10. Zero666Mitaki
    "A fight? Heh. Is that what you call this? It's more like an extermination for overgrown lizards with bad breath"*darkness waves crash out and extinguish the flames*"So, who's next to die? Any takers?"
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