Dragonball SRL

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  1. scorchrocketlauncher
    Dragonball, DBZ, and Dragonball GT are my ALL TIME favorite anime series. I frankly could talk about it ALL day long...it would make me happy.....DBZ is coolScorch
  2. scorchrocketlauncher
    Anytime now, somebody can join.....anytime..... I know this is an intense conversation and everything, Dragonball series is very important, but do not be afraid, to venture down the path of the DRAGONBALLZ.........!........
  3. Azur3 Hase0
    Hey glad to join. I luv DBZ. ive watched ever since i was little.
  4. yinyangAio1
    howdy ^_^ yeah I've watched DBZ I didn't quite like DB as much as I liked DBZ but it was still good I guess...
  5. Azur3 Hase0
    Is anybody going to the DBZ Evolution Movie on April 8th? im going with my friends the night it comes out.
  6. scorchrocketlauncher
    Thanks for joing yall, it just took about a month for someone else other than myself to join...lol
  7. scorchrocketlauncher
    Ive seen the previews of the dragonball evolution and it looks pretty danged ole cool if ya ask me.
    I dont think I'll be able to go see it in theatres but I cant wait to see it. If you have any spoilers for me about the movie lets hear them
  8. scorchrocketlauncher
    What do ya'll think of the dragonball AF stuff that Ive heard. I know its just made up and not really dbz, but its still kind of interesting
  9. Azur3 Hase0
    From what I know Justin Chatwin plays goku. its actually about gokus first encounter with picolo. like dragon ball
  10. scorchrocketlauncher
    Yea, I went to the website thingy and it looked pretty cool. They got piccolo all wrong though. Hopefully we'll see db evolution 2 and see some super saiyans eventually
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