Dragonball SRL

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  1. Azur3 Hase0
    thats what im saying. i mean piccolo doesn't look like a namic. its sucks. but i can't wait for number two to come out
  2. Azur3 Hase0
    Piccolo actually looks kinda like that garlic Jr. dude but bigger
  3. Akaryu792
    hey guys just joined wat u guys talking about??????????????????
  4. Furry Haseo
    Hey there. I love DBZ and i just saw the movie not too long ago.
  5. Furry Haseo
    Has anyone else seen the Dragon ball evolution movie
  6. scorchrocketlauncher
    Well, I wasnt very impressed at all with DB Evolution! The saiyan race wasnt mentioned once, Goku couldnt fly, and what was that name they gave his transformation to the giant ape?....I just wished they would of taken a little, just a little bit of the story line from the anime series than they did.
  7. scorchrocketlauncher
    I cant wait till the new dbz box set comes out, season nine, I had a dream that super saiyan 3 goku was on the front cover....
  8. scorchrocketlauncher
    I was wrong, it was vegito............................................ .........................
  9. scorchrocketlauncher
    Well in Yapan (in japan, I call it yapan cuz it sounds cool) They have come out with Dragonball Kai, yay.
    After such a failure of a motion picture I guess this will be a breath of fresh air but it is not much of a breath though because all dragonball kai is is a remake of the dragonball z series based more on the manga story. Which I THINK means a little more information during the series.
  10. Nisaku the dbz princ
    Hey guys I also just joined but now I plan on making a tv show that is alot like dragon ball z but I'll have to ask the creator of dragon ball z himself if I can do it.
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