Dragonball SRL

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  1. scorchrocketlauncher
    Really? That sounds pretty cool, if its anything like dbz then it will be great. Im all for some new anime worthy of my watching, lol. Im more on the lines of thinking of writing a book, more so than creating my own show, but I believe my ideas for stories come a lot from the anime that I watch.
    Goodluck though, keep in touch and let us know how its all coming.
  2. Nisaku the dbz princ
    Gotcha srl I'll keep in touch with you.And I'll let you know when the next update comes.
  3. Nisaku the dbz princ
    Actually I have an RPG site right now.It is called www.dragonballzqm.ucoz.com
  4. scorchrocketlauncher
    Question of the Week ( yay ): What happened behind the scenes when Yamcha found out that his girl, Bulma, got knocked up by none other than the Prince of Saiyans himself, Vegeta? Do you think Yamchas rage would be enough to get in a few punches or did Vegeta just say: "stand aside" ?
    What are your thoughts peoples?
  5. Nisaku the dbz princ
    I think that yamcha tried to attack but vegeta smashed his face in.And then both vegeta and bulma laughed at him.ROFL!
  6. bonecrusher92
    yeaa....umm new 2 dis so sum1 wanna explain...uhh i think yamcha is wackk..
  7. scorchrocketlauncher
    this is just a group where we talk about dragonballz.
  8. scorchrocketlauncher
    Well, one thing that I havent liked about the dragonball series is that when they would hold the world martial arts tourniment later in the dbz series and the gt series, you would never find out the winner of the fights because it always got interrupted some how. All the Z warriors would join the tourniment and face off against eachother, but they would never fight.
    I would for once like to see a tourniment with all the z-warriors in it, and it actually be fought to the end and we find out who the winner is. And for those of you who would think Goku would be the all out winner, keep in mind that there are ring outs in the tourniment so the winner in each match might not always be the strongest fighter, but rather the best tactician.
  9. neko nathaniel
    lol i cant help but laph at the way u sed that lol im perverted lol
  10. POOHEAD189
    I personally like yamcha better than vegeta. But I think yamcha just wanted bulma to be happy. and once she was pregnant i think yamcha knew he had no choice but to step aside...but u know...yamcha still hung around bulma alot...maybe vegeta should be the jealous one.
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