elation clan

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    welcome back death2all4.
    @ narutard bugboy:
    GIMP is software like photoshop except it's free. ypu can download it HEREwell im a beginner so i used a few different tutorials, one for the text,
    the pic and the background. this site has a bunch of great tutorials for GIMP and other programs.
  2. death2all4
    Wow ok thats a mouth full so bugboy whats up you miss me talking to you hey just send me a vm and we can talk more.
  3. narutard bugboy
    hey everyone sorry ive been out for awhile .
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    hey no prob .
  5. narutard bugboy
    Hey everyone, whats your favorite naruto character?
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    my fav. character... hmm... i guess it would be either kakashi or shikumaru.
  7. anonymous
    shikamaru !
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    hey anonymous how u been haven't seen you here in awhile. u get ur com. fixed?
  9. narutard bugboy
    he needs money to get it fixed so its gonna be awhile
  10. kaki tori kaizoku
    oh well, too bad .
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