elation clan

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  1. anonymous
    ill jus use the bio i have on the leaf village shinobi


    hes out going and upfront with people.hes pretty laid back and he knows how to have fun...but also knows when to be serious.
    name-Rora kunari age-15 rank-chuunin hair-jet black eyes-blue height-5/9

    the Rora clan-village hidden in the clouds...the former village to this clan till they were banished for there attempt to take over the village.years later and now there in there new home of konoha.yet now infamous in the village for there deeds to there last .hated by almost everyone,the clan fights for respect of there fellow shinobi.this clan has mastered the art of lightning manipulation and creation.even though they have lightning,there known for there amazing lightning fast speed and never ending adrenalin.lightning attacks cant hurt them but they feel the shocking.

    the past-when i was young,my powers were week and undeveloped.always picked last,always was last.and on top of that i was part of the hated Rora clan.i trained had nothing left.my power increased till it became an obsession.after graduation,i was sent on a C-ranked mission but was quickly turned into an S-ranked ranked mission when orochimaru ifulltrated and attacked our squad.we defended but we stood no chance.i was captured and taken to the lair of orochimaru.when i woke up,my neck burned like crazy.i didnt know at the time but i had the curse mark.i found a kid named xino we escaped and ran to the hidden leaf village.later i found out that its been 3 years since i returned.my clan was wiped out from the raid on the chunin exams.i was later promoted to chunin.no one knows about my past.this is my chance for a clean slate...

    the rora clan members are unusually wise.thats because the clan is born with there ancestors wisdom and knowledg.the rora have strange marks like ancient characters all over there body that can only be seen with lightning.they also put black diamond shaped marks bellow theres eyes on there cheek bone.(like axel on kingdom hearts)
    Chakra characteristic-lightning~color-white

    weapons-i fight with 3 kunai in each hand(like wolverine).i also have a kunai in my mouth(i fight with that like zabuza did in his last fight)huh-

    ~duel lightning blades-ninjutsu
    creates a swarm of lightning around your hands
    ~lightning style,electricution jutsu-ninjutsu-attacks and defends like gaaras sand but from the sky and stronger
    ~ninja art shockwave-genjutsu-stunning the enemy for 7 seconds
    ~speed of light-taijutsu-do i realy have to tell you?
    ~lightning roar-ninjutsu-creates a massive amount of lightning from the mouth and ejects it at speeds off the charts.this move releases the enemies chakra.
    supercharge-ninjutsu-charges my allies chakra 100 fold

    all basic jutsu-clones,replacement,etc...-
    ~the roku mavericks-ninjutsu- this jutsu changes my six hand kunai into clones.each clone is equally challenged to my skill.since they release only on my command,this fight is pretty much over unless you have something crazy up your sleeve
    ~roras barrage-move-using substitition jutsu every time the enemy strikes makes them careless after a while and starts worrying about where ill come from next.thats when i strike with the real me.but i make sure i dont get any vital-organs injured.
    ~worst case scenario-move-i move extremely fast and use a lifting kick to the jaw of my enemy sending him/her flying into the air.i first strike the area that disables the nerve system.then i can use this to my advantage to constantly strike the opponent till they are a mile high up.then i turn them upside down and use a move called snake hold(where i hold him/her in a tangling way)as there head is smashed into the ground at a hundreds of miles a second-none has escaped...yet
    ~kunarii's cloak-genjutsu-a jutsu created by kunarii that uses genjutsu to blend in with his surroundings.even when in motion
    ~unexpected touch of death!-forbidden jutsu-sends trillions of volts through the object he touches(last resort)
    the curse mark-
    orochimarus in-perfected curse mark that amplifies my power,speed,etc.50x more than before.it also gives me other uknown power.(i can only use this form for limited time-say 15 minuets before i die from exhaustion...yah brutal)
  2. anonymous
    rarara !
  3. narutard bugboy
    rororo !
  4. anonymous
    now your just not making sense
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    ok what was that all about? rororo and rarara? sometimes i don't understand u guys.
  6. anonymous
    yeah i know.hes sorta...(whispers)... re-tar-ded.
  7. anonymous
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    i have a question why is there a pic of the dot hack character, hmm what was his name... Haseo, aka the terror of death, the pkker or player killer killer.
  9. anonymous
    he was trying to see if anyone knew who he was and i guess u knew
  10. kaki tori kaizoku
    i love that show. and its games. . hack was one of my fav. manga/anime/video game.
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