elation clan

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  1. narutard bugboy
    YEAH!!! i got the ps3!
    but my psp got jaked
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    congrats, and bumer. don't know if im to be happy or sad for u.
  3. narutard bugboy
    lol. i wasnt really mad about the psp which was weird. I was more tict about loosing my skull candy headphones
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    lol. you were more ticked when you lost your headphones, than you psp. so how was the big day?
  5. narutard bugboy
    the actual day was boring but my mom threw a surprise party saturda for me which was really fun
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    cool. suprises are always fun .
  7. narutard bugboy
    yeah. i hadnt had a b-day party since i was like ten so it was cool
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    lol. yeah i know what you mean. it seems like you and i are the only ones doing the talking.
  9. narutard bugboy
    haha no kidding. I have no idea what every 1 else is doing
  10. kaki tori kaizoku
    i don't know, i never see some of them anymore, and its isn't just here, its the same in most of the other groups im in as well.
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