1. kingshadow
    welcome to all who have join the elemental knights my name is kingshadow.
  2. superstar9156
    *bows* I'm Sai Nagano. so what do we do on your group?
  3. Badwolf
    Hi this is badwolf but you can call me Yami so is this a rpg or something else.
  4. bluewolf
    Hello everyone . You can all call me Elyse.
  5. Sukai
    Hey! I'm Sukai! Pleased to meet all of you. I'll post a picture of my knight as soon as I can! I've just got to draw her first. I'm glad I found this group, I was worried I'd have to make my own. Hope to see you in the RP!
  6. Koron Fallin
    hi, new to site, saw this and wanted to join, hope its ok lol
  7. megagirlzero
    Hello, the name is Aka so what do we do here. I'm still to animeonline.com so just curious.
  8. Darkbird the Scarred
    Hi, my name is Karo,:bow: and I wish to join you and your social group.
  9. kyuuookami
    Konnichi wa! My name is Rayne. I'm glad I found a good group I can relate to. My favorite element is fire. It can be destructive but yet it is life.
  10. Kotaro7914
    Hello, you can call me Kotaro. It is great to be in this group.
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